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The Deep Winter Pant


Tweed and corduroy start getting a lot of love once cold weather rolls around, but it’s still remarkably hard to find our favorite wintry fabric—the velvety wonder known as moleskin.

Unlike its corded equivalent, this is basically a December-and-January item, but don’t be surprised if it becomes your favorite pant in the world for that nine-week span—something like the lower-body equivalent of a Barbour coat.

Dunderdon is responsible for the best version we’ve found, this slim-fit cotton pant. (Trend or no, we’ll skip the cargo pockets, but suit yourself.) It’s the latest in a long line of good winter gear to come out of their Gothenburg shop. Not coincidentally, those Swedish winters don’t kid around.

Skin of Mole


Billy Reid is having a good day.

First, his Levi’s collaboration arrives with uniformly handsome gear—already a victory lap from last year’s CFDA awards—and then he unveils his fall collection with even handsomer gear.

Our favorite from both crops would have to be this chocolate moleskin suit, which single-handedly sold us on one of the fustier fabrics in the menswear canon. It’s velvet’s understated cousin and one of the thicker fabric anyone dares to make a suit out of—which also means it won’t be seasonable until November at the earliest. But for this one, we can wait.