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Craig Sager Talks Menswear, Roger Rabbit Revelations and Irish Whiskeys

  • Kempt Staff

Red Bull

Sager Wisdom: Made Man catches up with the NBA’s famously flamboyant sideline reporter Craig Sager to talk style, double-breasted silk Versace and where he draws the line (surprisingly, he has one, and it’s bow ties).

Mohawk Down: Visit LA’s well-appointed men’s shop Mohawk General Store, through the lens of Jake Davis.

Lazarus Heart: On the 25th anniversary of the release of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, BuzzFeed tracks down 20 enlightening factoids about the movie.

Dark Horse: In the event you’ll be tipping back some Irish whiskey on St. Patrick’s Day, Details has rounded up your 10 most suitable options.

The Persistence of American Style

Forget trend reports. As soon as the weather gets bad, the Red Wings come out.

This particular pic comes from Mohawk General Store’s latest lookbook, but don’t be surprised if it looks a little familiar. There’s the Gitman shirt (with checks and a button-down collar, of course), the patch-pocket blazer and square-end ties—all hallmarks of most bloggy men’s wardrobes as early as 2009. We can’t see his shoes, but we’re guessing they’re some variety of triple-stitched boot...

It’s an easy reminder: when the temperature drops, Americana always seems to come back into style.

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