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Mods in the Wild


We’ve never been sure how many mods there still are roaming the streets of London, but Dean Chalkley seems to have found a few.

These well-dressed young lads are part of an exhibition currently running at London’s Book Club dubbed “The New Faces”—the title came from his pal Paul Weller, of course—and seems to have been done with minimal styling. Which is to say, they walk around the street like this.

To be honest, we didn’t think there was anyone this sharp outside of Paul Smith’s showroom, but we’re happy to be wrong.

Mila Kunis Gets a Cover of Her Own


Little Black Book: We’re still waiting for someone to use the phrase “sephardic stunner.” [BlackBook]

Can’t Beat It: Our tech overlords recap the top trends of the year that was. Apparently some guy named “Jackson” got famous in a hurry. [Google Zeitgeist]

I Don’t Mind Choppin’ Wood: The L.A. Times convinces us we were a little hasty with the whole “designer ax” craze. Extra points for coining the phrase “axficianado.” [All the Rage]

The Punk and the Godfather: Mod style gets another glossy tome, in case you weren’t sure what to get Pete Townshend for Christmas. [GQ Eye]

The Man in the Mirror


For some reason, we never get tired of the mod look.

This particular snap comes from Horst A. Friedrichs’ new book, I’m One: 21st Century Mods, which means that while this gentleman may not be on the cutting edge of the cropped look, he’s got plenty of company—both in the book and on the streets of London.

The North Country


For all the attention to mod style, it’s easy to forget about the equally important revolution that went on a little later and a little farther north. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Northern Soul.

Centered mostly on the 70s, the Northern Soul movement saw the thornier northern mods taking to dancehalls with the same Ben Sherman gear and center-vent suits as their London brethren, but an energy all their own. PSFK just put up a long post on Northern Soul, and by our lights, it's about time the whole movement got another look.

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A Few of Our Favorite Things


DC is usually a bit below our radar, but this shoe popped up by virtue of combining two of our favorite things: desert boots and mod culture.

Usually mod footwear consists of Beatle boots and the occasional sneaker, but Aaron Rose managed to bring the two together with a sly tartan lining and a red contrast stitch. And, of course, those thick, gummy soles that mean you won’t get too familiar with the pavement.

Mod Squad

  • Jared Paul Stern


Judging by the response to our Mod World post the other day, a lot of you are ready to re-immerse yourselves in a simpler time of army parkas, Pete Townshend riffs and the occasional rumble. Starting with a scooter, as we suggested, is a good idea for absolute beginners, but of course not just any old moped will do.

Enter Royal College of Art grad Grahame Fowler and his firm GGF Restoration, which repurposes the best classic scooters of yore for road-readiness in this post-Mod world. Haute catalog co. Vivre is now stocking a selection of Fowler's limited edition 1966 - 1968 Lambrettas, restored from the ground up, in a choice of two-tones. Of course at $25,000 a pop, you're paying a premium for perfection, but then again that's usually the case.

It's A Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod World


A lot of things are pointing to an imminent scooter revival; the price of gas and that business about carbon footprints, of course, but also the fact that folk like Rag & Bone keep basing collections on Mods and Rockers That makes Mick Walker's zippy new book, *Classic Scooters: 1945 - 1970* all the more timely. The Italian Piaggo company's iconic Vespa and the equally alluring Lambretta are the famous ones, of course, but there are many others whose names may be unfamiliar but embody just as much great vintage verve. Snap up a copy, pop *Quadrophenia* on the stereo and be transported to a simpler, much more stylish era. We'll meet you there.

Mods, Art Thieves and Going Solo


Mods vs. Rockers Has John Varvatos’s strong “pro-rocker” stance invited a mod backlash? We’d buy it. If so, you’ll need these pictures to paste onto your GX scooter…[We Are the Market]

Movin’ Up in the World like Elevators: Our favorite rapper/actor/MOTH talks about his clothing line. We expect it to be better than his movies, but slightly worse than his music. [Esquire]

Crime Pays: A European government is offering up cash and amnesty for anyone who can put their hands on a few famous, stolen paintings. Like we’ve always said, it’s a good time to be an art thief. [Luxist]

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go: Sam Shipley (of Shipley & Halmos) releases a solo album. Does this mean Halmos is Garfunkel? [Men.Style]

Smith & Weller

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

Two of our favorite fellows who both happened to be named Paul got together in London the other night for a very stylish fete.

The great Sir Paul Smith hosted a book bash for his brother-in-arms Paul Weller, aka “The Modfather,” founder of seminal Brit band The Jam and the aptly named Style Council.

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Kermit Meets Terry, Mod Style and Glowing Toiletries


Roger, Wilco, Out: StyleDash thinks Jeff Tweedy needs a style intervention due to his SNL appearance in a nudie suit. Similarly, we think Style Dash needs a music intervention due to their apparent ignorance of the Flying Burrito Brothers (video). [StyleDash]

Team Colors: An interview with sideline style leader and coach of the 5-and-11 49ers, Mike Nolan. [HuffPo]

Housing Futures: Figuring that all the collapsing real estate market needs is a fresh blazer, "Fashion Futurist Geoffrey Beane" (say whaa?) is teaming up with Century 21 (not the store) to redesign their iconic gold jacket. [Business Wire]

For Absolute Beginners: Buying into Mod style. [ModCulture via Retro to Go]

Best Men: Engineered Garments brings home the inaugural GQ/CFDA Best New Menswear Designers in America award (oh, and $50,000). [Men.Style]

Leading Lights: Luring men toward a new shaving cream is much like luring mosquitos to a high-voltage death. [NYTimes]

Historical Threads: Classic American style parsed. [A Continuous Lean]

It's Not Easy Being Green: Kermit the Frog gets his slimy, webbed hands on Terry Richardson—or is that the other way around? [Skidknee]