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A Head Start on Your Summer Kicks

  • Kempt Staff


You might recall that about a week ago we broke the good news of Todd Snyder’s latest collaboration with SeaVees—resulting in the finest city-to-beach footwear you’ll find all summer.

Now we’ve got even better news: our comrades-in-style over at UrbanDaddy Perks are giving you essentially 30% off anything in the SeaVees webshop (including the aforementioned collaboration).

The Snyder stuff is decidedly more #menswear, with its Japanese twill and herringbone patterns, but there’s plenty more to like from the surfer-y shoemakers—including some beach-faded plimsolls, rubber-soled suede mocs and Baja-striped slip-ons.

Get a closer look at our favorites after the jump.»

Celebrating Another Great Memorial Day Tradition

  • Najib Benouar

In addition to feeling extra patriotic, a lot of our favorite menswear labels are feeling extra generous this weekend—loving America can do that to you—and they’re running some solid Memorial Day weekend sales.

So we’ve gone ahead and picked out the most enticing of the bunch—from the likes of Billy Reid and Ovadia & Sons—and zeroed in on which items we think you should focus your attention on. (Stuff that’ll come in handy within the next few months.)

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Meet Rising Star Cordwainer, Kyle Rancourt

  • Najib Benouar

Our comrades in style over at UrbanDaddy Perks recently teamed up with Maine’s most sought-after cobblers, Rancourt & Co., to offer a few exclusive styles of their boat shoe and ranger mocs—each of which comes in a chili pebble-grain upper or a suede that looks a lot like our favorite malbec. And we had the opportunity to catch up with Kyle Rancourt, third-generation cobbler and all-round stand-up guy, to talk footwear.

Here’s what he had to say about flip-flops, his favorite boots and the secrets to why shoes made in Maine are better...»

The Enduring Appeal of Blue Suede

You can never own too much blue suede, especially when we’re heading into sockless territory. And if you want something more adventurous than a boat shoe, we may have a few ideas—starting with this moccasin.

It’s from Quoddy, the go-to for Americana-soaked moccasins, but the combination of that blue suede and the red brick soul bring it into more sophisticated territory. And no matter how pale your ankles are, they’re going to look pretty good set against that shade of blue. Just keep them far, far away from socks.

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The Sockless Life


Now that it’s warm enough to make every square inch of exposed skin count, we thought we’d offer a few helpful tips on going sockless. As you can see above, it’s a pretty great look when executed properly—somewhere between an Italian painter and an unusually stylish surf bum—but the key to this particular move is finding the right shoe. That means boat shoes, moccasins, loafers, bucks, bluchers and anything canvas. By the same token, we’d stay away from sneakers, wing-tips and anything more formal. And remember: life’s too short to worry about a little sweat.

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In the Factory


We have a sentimental weakness for factory tours here at Kempt. And when combined with our sentimental weakness for trail moccasins, it’s just about irresistible.

All Plaidout (via Hypebeast) just posted an indepth tour of Quoddy’s Lewiston, ME headquarters, giving us a secondhand peek at exactly what hand-stitching entails.

The biggest surprise is the tiny device they use to measure the gauge of each stitch. Of course, you’ve got to keep that kind of detail in check…but who knew they used a mini-ruler?

Naturally, if you happen to be in Portland (Oregon, that is), we know where you could pick up a pair.

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