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In the Neighborhood

Mjolk Quilt

Like most design-minded blog-dwellers, we have a soft spot for maps. And it looks like Mjölk has one too.

We caught this map quilt on their newly launched e-commerce shop. It’s a detailed street map of London (or New York, or Paris) stitched onto a cotton and Japanese silk with an Amish loom. In short, it’s a pretty great thing to have over your sheets if you’re looking to plan out a day’s drive, or give a houseguest an unusually quirky tour of the neighborhood.

And if you want to represent a slightly more obscure neighborhood, you can hire out their quiltmaker for a custom job. Queens, anyone?

You’re It


If you picked up an item from Mjölk in the past few years, you may have noticed an unusually emotional message on the tag—something like “Have Hope My Love” or “I Love My Mum.” It’s a creative way of showing their emo streak, the kind of personal touch that makes designer clothing worthwhile. It’s just a shame it’s limited to a few inches below your collar…

But in honor of the holiday lovefest, designer Lars Stoten is giving the tags a moment in the spotlight. He’s produced a limited run of posters that blow up the tags from two inches to two feet, which means they’re suddenly fit to hang on your wall. He keeps a size marker in the lower right, just to keep you from taking things too seriously, but if you’ve got a soft spot for clever tags (or you’re fiercely proud of your status as a “medium”), this might be your lucky day.

Sack Up


It’s easy to overthink bags. Sometimes all you need is a leather sack…

Apparently the fine folks at Mjolk are partial to the sack theory of storage, at least judging by their latest rucksack. It’s not exactly suited to air travel—we’d want a more secure top flap, for one—but it should do perfectly backpacking or thrown in the trunk of a car.

With no pockets to get in the way, the material is on full display, and like most high quality leather, it’ll get better the longer you have it.

And no, it doesn’t come with wheels.

It Does a Body Good


One of our favorites from this summer’s capsule show has popped back onto our radar. Mjolk just gave us a peek at their Autumn/Winter line and, just like at the capsule show, we like what we see. The Sherlock-Holmesy overcoat in the middle has a nice, shoulder-heavy silhouette and we can never see enough flannel. Pay particular attention to the small-collared, high-waisted fellow on the right. It’s a look you’ll likely be seeing more and more of.

In the Capsule


The capsule show this week had a lot of inspiration on hand—in the clothes and in the complimentary cocktails—but to be honest, we’re still sorting through it all. Swedish clothing! Free brownies! We saw Damon Dash! For reals!

In the meantime, we thought we’d take a look at some of the better dressed attendees. As you might imagine, the competition was pretty heated. And, because of the literal heat, bare ankles and wrists were the order of the day.

This well-inked gentleman is Jordan Saylor, proprietor of Portland boutique Winn Perry—you might remember them as the northwestern source for Sovereign Beck ties. On his travels to the east, he’s decked out in a seersucker and oxford combo, combined with a leather satchel that may be the best thing about the outfit. After all, he’s here on business.

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