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Bartending Icons: Jerry Thomas

  • Kevin Gray

Jerry Thomas

Bartenders. The good ones are impossibly dexterous, effortlessly cool, elegantly nonchalant. And we appreciate that. So we thought it time to honor the best of the bunch. Up first: Jerry Thomas.

Known as the Father of American Mixology, Jer was a master behind the bar. As a teenager in the late 1840s, he cut his teeth in New York before heading west to tend bar during the California gold rush. He kept traveling, slinging drinks in Chicago, St. Louis, Charleston and New Orleans before settling back in New York, where he manned the bar at the Metropolitan Hotel. (Don’t go looking for it—the opulent structure once stood at the corner of Broadway and Prince, but was demolished in 1895.)

All the while, he was changing forever the way we drink...»

Kempt Man of the Hour: Bryan Schneider

bryanschneider_crop.jpgvia GoaG

This week’s MOTH comes from the rarefied world of competitive bartending—specifically a competition held last week at New York’s Macao Trading Company. The gentleman in question is Bryan Schneider, barman at Clover Club and one of the two winners of the shindig…but really, we’re more interested in that tie clip.

Mixologists tend to be a traddy lot, but they’re also working with enough liquids that they need to keep their arms clear and their torsos clear of any dangling ties. More impressively, Mr. Schneider pulls off the trick without any outsized affectations like sleeve garters. A tight roll is enough, which, paired with a high tie clip and a sleeveless sweater, made him the best-dressed man in the place.

And we’re guessing he can mix a decent drink.