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Over the course of 127 years in the shirt business, you’re bound to pick up a few tricks and a few stories. Houston’s Hamilton Shirt Co. has been one of the best sources for custom shirts since the gilded age, and as of August 25th, they’re letting us in on some of those stories…in the form of some unusually clever monograms.

Exhibit A: this mark comes from a garbled customer order to have “my special brand” sewn into a crop of shirts, only he ended up with this inscription instead of the brand he had in mind. Fortunately he liked it well enough to adopt the phrase as an off-hand signature—and Hamilton liked it enough to revive it for their new fall line. You can also get Hamilton’s own special brand, an underlined H, but our personal favorite is a Mister Mort-inspired inscription reading simply “MINE.”

That should clear up any confusion.