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The Gym Henley


Punxsutawney Phil (and retail stores en masse) have already produced some hopeful signs of spring—butt here's one more that's destined for your gym bag. Introducing the Gym Henley, a newly released spring staple from LA-based Mister Freedom.

It's a cloud of seventies gym-class nostalgia, a la Dazed and Confused. Jersey knit cotton and a deeply rooted history in varsity sports make it a workout shirt through and through - not to mention, the contrast buttons and stitching put the plain white t-shirt to shame.

Just take care not to pair them with short shorts, knee socks or shaggy locks.

Born Free


Nautical duds are nothing new, but we’re always glad to see a good idea take root.

In this case, that means Mister Freedom, a Paris-by-way-of-Los-Angeles marque, is releasing a line based on the ten years their mascot spent sailing the Indian Ocean. It’s all fiction, naturally, but they go as far as titling the line “The Last Cruise, the Salty Years,” which certainly rolls off the tongue better than “spring/summer ’09.”

As you might imagine, the clothes are pretty thoroughly broken in, but they’re also impressively well-chosen, ranging from peacoats circa 1910 to replicated U.S. Navy “jungle cloth” that was phased out in 1950. Not bad for archival work, but we still can’t see a deck hat without thinking of Gilligan...

See the line here»

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