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The Return of Missy Rayder


The Italian School: Vogue Italia shows off their contemplative side. [Fashion Copious]

Don’t Try This at Home: Tom Bissell has spent the past few years hooked on cocaine and Grand Theft Auto. We can’t decide which one’s worse… [The Guardian]

Art Rock: Rothko gets an internet-age update, thanks to a few choice gifs. [Blackbook]

Buttoned Down: Thom Browne’s Supreme collab raises eyebrows…and not in a good way. [Sartorially Inclined]

Missy Rayder is in Motion


Girls on Film: V Magazine branches out into video. [V Magazine]

Tit for Tat: A clever designer has put together the definitive infographic on breasts. Always good to know more. [GOOD]

Marty: In time for Shutter Island, Vanity Fair digs up a Casino-era Scorcese interview. Not a fan of flying, it turns out. [Vanity Fair]

Cosplay Goes Mainstream: Kirsten Dunst, Takashi Murakami and McG seem to have had the same extremely strange idea at once. [WBE]