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An Advent Calendar Filled with... Supermodels

  • Kempt Staff


The traditional chocolate-filled Advent calendar has been in need of an update for some time now—and we though the whisky Advent calendar might have done it, but...

Love magazine has been unveiling a new short film of a scantily clad supermodel each day in their own take on the Advent calendar, and it’s a sight to behold.

Keep an eye on the landing page for each new update, but first, check out a few of our favorites after the jump: »

The Seven Sexiest Instagram Feeds Right Now

  • Najib Benouar


Instagram is great for a lot of reasons—we’re sure the creators can think of about a billion, but here’s our favorite: celebrities have finally started getting in on the action. And models. And the like.

So we took the liberty of combing through some very good-looking feeds to bring you the most attractive and spectacular of the bunch. (You can thank us later.)

Herewith, the seven sexiest Instagrams to follow right now, in no particular order.»

Miranda Kerr Is the Wizard of Bras

  • Kempt Staff

via Boss Hunting

Kilt It: The Style Guy finally delivers the verdict on the leather skirt that Kanye’s been wearing. (Spoiler alert: it’s a no-go.) [GQ]

A Twitter Feed About Nothing: If the Seinfeld crew were still around, would Elaine write nasty Yelp reviews? Could Jerry make #soupnazi trend? One Twitter seeks the answers. [WSJ]

Socialites and Lions: A photographer shoots the daughters of Mexico’s super-rich. It’s like an MTV reality show produced by Siegfried and Roy. [Slate]

No-Fly Zone: The Internet announces the arrival of “meggings” in Manhattan. We’re not sure what’s worse: the trend or the gratuitous portmanteau. [Business Insider]