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The Silver Souvenir Cup

  • Najib Benouar

Derby fever is strong in the air this week. To add to the list of reasons to hop the next flight to Louisville: the best souvenir in sports we’ve seen yet.

It’s a familiar sight at sporting events everywhere: concession stands hawking flimsy plastic cups emblazoned with a team name and asking you to pony up a few extra bucks for something that sounds like a good idea on your third beer, but probably won’t make it home with you. Mostly because they’re hardly anything you’d regard as bona fide souvenirs—something, say, stately enough for your bookshelf.

Which brings us to this hand-engraved pewter julep cup (any Kentuckian worth their salt knows the drink deserves to be enjoyed from a frosty metal cup). It can be yours at this Saturday’s Kentucky Derby—you’ll just need to be in attendance at Churchill Downs and donate a grand to charity. The best part is that, like any good souvenir cup, it will arrive to you filled with mint, sugar, Woodford Reserve bourbon and crushed ice to the brim.

We’re betting this one makes it home with you.

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Your Absurd Indulgence of the Summer


One cannot have everything one wants, in this life.

Among those things: this solid silver julep cup, weighing in at $740. It’s a ridiculous, insane amount to spend on an item with only one conceivable use. And yet, the idea of sipping sweet bourbon from a solid silver goblet a few months from now—possibly under a willow tree, while wearing a cream-colored three-piece suit—is too tempting to dismiss entirely.

Just remember to hold it by the top and bottom rims to keep the drink frosty—a finer point of julep etiquette. And maybe wait until there’s a dip in the price of silver.

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