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Off the Cuff


Outlier’s mostly known for bike-friendly pants, but they’ve finally turned out a shirt we’d be interested in wearing without any wheeled accompaniment.

The shirt is a handsome deep blue linen blend, but the real feature is the clever design. Look closely and you’ll notice something missing: specifically no collar and no cuffs. It’s as if they’ve been ripped straight off the shirt. (Possibly by a bike chain…but we won’t speculate.)

It’s an elegant, minimalist touch, and one that would look pretty sharp underneath a khaki blazer. Gentlemen, go forth.

The Minimalist


Bloggy watch tastes tend towards the rugged, but it’s not the only style in the world. And if you don’t plan on taking your next watch on a sailboat or a freeclimb any time soon, you may want to consider a more minimal option.

For instance, this one.

Braun just rereleased their 70s-era wristwatches, boasting the same pared-down design philosophy they'd bring to a toaster or a safety razor. We wouldn’t let it near a rumpled oxford—but if your wardrobe’s already full of clean lines, it’s a good way to add more.

Hold It All


Luggage has gotten a bit ahead of itself these days.

All this talk of overweight fees and biometrics leaves us yearning for simpler times. So, in the case of the winter weekend getaway, we’ll opt for this super-minimalist holdall from Irish luxury goods purveyor, De Bruir. Sans locks, zips or ballistic nylon, even its simple brass buckles are concealed by an unfinished leather flap.

It has enough room to handle a weekend's worth of our woolly sweaters and moleskin cords and the sturdy bridle leather look as though it does a superb job of maintaining its shape. Think of it as the perfect carryall for impromptu getwaways… or your daily trips to the minimalist gym.

The Slimmest Wallet on Earth


There’s a small bundle of essentials you have to keep on your person at all times: keys, phone, wallet, compromising photo of a significant other, and so forth.

But in the interest of keeping your clothes as sleek as possible, you have to keep your bundle from getting too bulky. To that end, we thought we’d endorse this William Wallet from our old friends at Wintercheck. It keeps the bulk down to two strips of aluminum and a cord binding them together and strapping in your valuables.

It’s got just enough room for your cash and cards, and most importantly, it won’t interrupt the line of your jacket, which is more than can be said for your smartphone.

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