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Milok Returns


Speaking of Japan, one of the country’s most overlooked labels just released a new lookbook for fall/winter, complete with bear-hugging cardigans and extremely scrappy blazers. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Milok.

They’re still working the neckerchief-ascot continuum like the last time we checked in, but now it feels a bit more Californian than Argentinean. None of them are easy pieces to pull off, but they make for pretty unassuming statement pieces. Now all they have to do is make it into a few shops.

Also, that bedhead is either a commentary on their status as a slept-on brand or the result of some kind of static-electric event. We’re going to assume it’s the first one.

See a few more pics from the line…»

The Other Neckwear


As part of our ongoing coverage of the neckerchief beat, we were happy to see this pic pop up in a lookbook for the Morocco-inspired Milok label.

We’re not wild about the ensemble in general—for starters, we’d prefer some more discreet trousers—but it nails the gentleman-in-the-desert look we’re hoping to maintain throughout the summer. By the time July comes around, this may be the only kind of neckwear that isn’t stifling, and wearing pulled down the middle like this is a pretty good way to pull it off. We’re not sure where we’ll pick one up—Milok isn’t in stores just yet—but we’ve got some time to figure it out.