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Camille Rowe Is in Love with America and You Can’t Stop Her

  • Najib Benouar

Ray Shines Bright: Sad news in the literary world today: sci-fi legend Ray Bradbury has passed. Suffice it to say, he lived a full life. Even pushing 90, he was sharp as a tack, reports the Times. [NYTimes]

Mr. Packet’s Wild Ride: This is how the awesomeness that is Kempt arrives to your computer (from the undisclosed bunker we write it in). [Gizmodo]

Future Is Now: We Are the Market has a sneak peek at Camo’s spring/summer line... for 2013. We want it now. [WATM]

Take the Oath: On the heels of our post on Kirk Miller’s ties for The Paris Review, let the fellows at Permanent Style give you a tour of the shop. [Permanent Style]

Forging the Right Ties

  • Najib Benouar

It’s been said that a tie is worth a thousand words... Okay, maybe we’re a little off on that saying, but nowadays ties aren’t often required as daily wear, so what you choose to dangle from your collar can say a lot. Naturally, you’ve seen the handsome offerings from the Drake’s, the Hill-Sides, the Olchs of the world—all here, of course—but today we’ve stumbled upon a little gem of a capsule collection.

A small batch of embroidered silk repp ties by Kirk Miller of Manhattan’s culty bespokery Miller’s Oath for the unapologetically erudite periodical The Paris Review. They’re snooty ties with French... ties—the Parisians have long been the gold standard in snootiness—and they’re embroidered with the magazine’s original insignia: a bird you’ve probably never heard of, the hadada. Sure, there’s a lot of haughtiness packaged in here, but they’re good-looking, well-made ties nonetheless. (Whether you care to share their backstory is up to you.)

Plus, they’re something to keep in mind if you’re trying to score points with a bookish dad the weekend after next...

The Icon: Daniel Day-Lewis

St. Patrick’s Day is just two days away, so we thought we’d dedicate this week’s icon to one of the most stylish Irishmen currently on the scene. We’re thinking of Daniel Day-Lewis, he of the piercing blue eyes and the method intensity. And as a man of refinement, he also happens to know his way around a tailor’s office.

Our five favorite Daniel Day-Lewis pics, after the jump»

Brooklyn Decker is Not Leaving Her Stool

Pinky Swear: David Coggins leads us on a tour of Miller’s Oath, New York’s beloved throwback tailor. [A Continuous Lean]

A Gentleman’s Guide to the Chino: Coolhunting rounds up the khakis of the world. Dockers is really stepping up their game lately. [Coolhunting]

The Other Ray-Ban: GQ doubles-down on the Clubmaster. [GQ]

Evil Facebook: A rant against the steady creep of LinkedIn. [Gizmodo]

Best in Show


We stopped by GQ’s fete for new menswear designers last night, and the message was pretty clear: the state of the menswear union is strong. Six designers were selected to put together a capsule line with Dockers: Patrik Ervell, Michael Bastian for Gant, T by Alexander Wang, Rick Klotz from Warriors of Radness, Kirk Miller from Miller’s Oah and the trio of gents behind Riviera Club. This afternoon, the judges named Alexander Wang as their pick—but we‘d point out that all of the nominees were in a room with Kanye, which technically makes them all winners.

More seriously, the collaboration brought out some of the best in all the designers involved. Riviera Club proved their fall/winter chops (or possibly their love of tweed), Michael Bastian pioneered something we’re going to call “the carnival chalet look,” and Patrik Ervell kept his inner deconstructivist in check long enough to create one of the slickest heathered suits we’ve ever seen. With any luck, it’ll be arriving at Bloomingdale’s in the fall with the rest of the capsule collection—which should give you time to consider whether you’ve got the panache to pull it off.