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The Greatest Secret Project Names of All Time

  • Kempt Staff


Recently, reports have been trickling out that Google and NASA are in cahoots on a secret project known only as “Google Planetary Ventures.”

Which got us thinking about the great mystique surrounding a secret project name—sometimes borrowed from Latin, sometimes a cheeky nod, but always conveying the gravitas of the situation. And more importantly, it reminded us of some of our favorites throughout history.

Herewith, the greatest secret project names of all time...»

The Reentry: Veterans of Style

  • Najib Benouar

Yesterday we celebrated Veterans Day—and it reminded us of the great contributions our servicemen have made to this nation over the years.

In terms of protecting our freedom, foremost, but also in our everyday dress. Just take a look at Major General Chuck Yeager here. He’s just hopped out of a fighter jet, but this very well could’ve been the same getup you wore out to watch football yesterday.

The list is long: khakis, bomber jackets, aviators, peacoats, desert boots, etc., all started out as military-issue clothes that veterans brought back home to wear around town—or, in some cases, had local tailors recreate to better suit their return to civilian life. And now we’re all wearing some version of them. Not to mention, a lot of the military-issued stuff (like Schott’s peacoat) is still among your better options out there. Further confirming that enduring style relies more heavily on function than form.

To that, we’ll salute.

Drake’s Gets into Leather

  • Najib Benouar

Drake’s London has been making some of our favorite silk scarves, ties and pocket squares for some time now—and they’ve just branched out into leather.

It’s their first foray into tanned hide, so they’ve kept the collection small, but we’re most interested in the military wet pack now that fall travel season is upon us. It’s a dopp kit cut in bridle leather, with a bright red waterproof lining, and looks to be more spacious than most roll-ups we’ve seen in the past, with just about every shape of pocket that could possibly come in handy.

Yes, even one for your bone-handle straight razor.

Dyed in the Canvas

  • Najib Benouar

... and the camouflages just keep on coming.

This latest installment comes from the collective minds of LA-based label U.S. Alteration (yes, that is Lupe Fiasco in their lookbook) and one of our favorite men’s shops, Union. They’ve taken military-issue fatigues and put them through an over-dye process, giving the camo a muted look—except for the few patches they’ve left exposed. It might be the most inventive repurpose of camo we’ve seen yet. They’re launching the gear this weekend in LA with a big to-do, so those of us not in town will have to wait till the stuff makes its way onto the Web.

In the meantime, take a closer look at the “Over-Die” collection after the jump.»

J. Press Goes Downtown

  • Najib Benouar

There’s no question camouflage is having a moment.

But leave it to the unlikely union of the uptown stalwarts at J. Press and the downtown kids at Opening Ceremony to give it a new spin: patchwork camouflage pants. The move is usually relegated to the preppy corner of madras, but here we’ve got West Point military cloth of alternating camouflage—we detect woodland, desert and tiger stripe for starters. It’s part of a capsule collaboration between the two labels (you’ll have to make it to NYC or London to get your hands on any of it) that includes a removable-collar seersucker shirt, a few tees and a blazer.

Have another look at the pants after the jump.»

Breaking Unis News

  • Najib Benouar

Opportunity knocks, gentlemen. Blogger darlings and makers of “the dream chino” Unis are remodeling their NYC shop and have decided to make their packing job easier by lightening their stock.

Nearly everything online is a hearty 25% off. Now’s your chance to grab another pair of summer pants in their famous Gio cut, venture into shorts territory and/or get your hands on the latest buzzworthy item that’s been circling the Internet—thanks in most part to this young lady—the camo military jacket.

Go on, get after it.

The Military’s Military Watch

  • Najib Benouar

The military field watch has become the summer timepiece de rigueur in most menswear circles, and a lot of companies have set out to recreate that look, updating the inner workings with today’s technology (be it quartz or automatic movement). But we’re of the mind that there’s nothing better than the real thing—even if that does require you to manually rewind the movement daily.

Which is why we like this Benrus number—part of a new stash of timepieces that have just arrived at Americana-phile wonderland Buckshot Sonny’s. What’s nice is they seem to have really zeroed in on Vietnam-era watches made for US infantrymen, and this watch in particular was built on military contract MIL-W-3818B (we actually tracked down a copy of the US DOD spec sheet). It’s authenticity you can’t readily buy in most men’s shops. And since the watches were designed for the balmy punishment of Southeast Asian jungles, once summer rolls around this’ll feel much breezier than the crocodile or metal you’ve got wrapped around your wrist now.

And it’s much more subtle than camo print.

The Blazer Goes Military

With the weather heating up, we prefer our outerwear thin and portable—and if possible, we’d like it to have lapels.

So naturally, we were drawn to this waxed-cotton blazer from the newly launched Private White V.C. The wax gives it enough weight to get you through those impromptu summer rains without adding too much bulk.

And more importantly, it’s a fully British item, woven by the British Millerain Co. and stitched together by James Grove and Sons in the West Midlands—so that whiff of Churchill-era military style is entirely authentic. Hopefully you’ve got the paratrooper pants to match.

The Desert Rats Ride Again

Military style gets name-checked a lot, but it’s rare that a designer gets specific enough to name their favorite division. So we were glad to see Nigel Cabourn dedicate his spring/summer line to the Desert Rats, an armored division that spent WWII going toe-to-toe with Rommel in North Africa. (That jerboa patch on their shoulder is the giveaway.) As for the actual clothes, that means oversized camo prints, army green and one of the more rugged aircraft jackets on the market. It’s History Channel menswear; in our book, that’s the best kind.

The 2011 Kempt Awards – Part Two: Moments

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The Seven Times It’s Okay to Tuck Your Tie

Tucked Tie

The preternaturally on-point Justin Bridges has launched a mini-campaign for the tucked tie in the past few days, starting with these snaps for Baron Wells and this out-and-out endorsement. But before you take to the streets with half a placket showing, we’ve got a few words of caution.

Unlike the army officers who started the style, you’re not in danger of getting your neckwear caught in the gears of an artillery cannon, so there’s no functional reason for the tuck. As with so many affectations, it looks a lot better on the Internet.

Having said that, there are a few rare situations in which a modern man might find it appropriate to slip his tie between the buttons of his shirt... and we’ve compiled an exhaustive list after the jump.

The seven occasions when it’s okay to tuck your tie...»

Femi Benussi is Applying Makeup in a Broom Closet

Femi Benussivia WBE

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Be All That You Can Be (But Get a Haircut)

On the heels of last week’s (relatively) successful resolution in Libya, President Obama’s announcement on Sunday that all troops will be withdrawn from Iraq by the end of the year signifies the beginning of what is likely to be the steepest drop in active service men and women in recent US history.

And the perfect time, according to Sgt. Maj. of the Army Raymond Chandler, to tighten up grooming standards.

“I believe that we can better visualize to the American people and the Army what it means to be an American soldier than we’re doing now,” Chandler told Army Times. “Those can be done through personal grooming standards and standards of appearance and the uniforms we wear and how we choose to wear them. I think we can do better. Now’s the time to take a look at it.”

How high and tight is the Sergeant Major looking to go?»

In the Field

Maiden Noir

The classic army field jacket has been through a lot. (It’s not easy when the style icon carrying your torch is Travis Bickle.) But as the latest Maiden Noir version reminds us, it’s still a solid item to have in your closet—and now that the weather has officially shifted into swelter mode, it might be the handiest outerwear piece you’ve got.

The khaki is sharp in a colonial way, but our favorite is the midnight blue with a bright white contrast stitch, a good deal sharper than the army green equivalent you can pick up from army surplus. Our game plan: leave it hanging open with a notepad, wallet and cell phone in the pockets.

Travis would be impressed.