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The November Issues

  • Najib Benouar

It will be November by week’s end and that means one thing: a new crop of menswear magazines has just hit the shelves. And this month brings healthy doses of tweed, marled sweaters and general autumnal-ness. Not to mention some long-form pontification on the upcoming elections (from which we’ll spare you) and Mila Kunis in some very formfitting leather pants.

Let’s see how November is shaping up, according to the fashion rags, shall we...»

Mila Kunis Has Good Benefits

The Icy Swede: In case you forgot, J. Lindeberg is still one sharp bastard. [Selectism]

The Paper Chase: Men of Habit is launching a print magazine. Early reports indicate a cross between Men’s Vogue and International Male. (We kid because we love.) [Die, Workwear]

Mr. Green, On the Patio, With the Handsome Shoes: In case you were wondering, Edward Green still makes a seriously handsome pair of spectators. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

Heavy Metal: For the curious, here’s what a cymbal looks like when you hit it in super slow motion. [Open Culture]

Mila Kunis is in Repose


Cowboy Hats Are Still Not a Good Idea: Stopping by GQ for Date Night. [GQ]

Staying Light: A lifelong trad airs his misgivings concerning the cotton suit. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

The Original Screwball: Cary Grant, seminal dandy and Old Hollywood icon, apparently didn’t mind a little LSD from time to time. It certainly would have spiced up Bringing Up Baby. [Boing Boing]

Dropping Math: A magnificently bearded math whiz solves a century-old paradox, forgoes the million dollar prize and returns to his Eastern hovel. [Daily Mail]

Mila Kunis Gets a Cover of Her Own


Little Black Book: We’re still waiting for someone to use the phrase “sephardic stunner.” [BlackBook]

Can’t Beat It: Our tech overlords recap the top trends of the year that was. Apparently some guy named “Jackson” got famous in a hurry. [Google Zeitgeist]

I Don’t Mind Choppin’ Wood: The L.A. Times convinces us we were a little hasty with the whole “designer ax” craze. Extra points for coining the phrase “axficianado.” [All the Rage]

The Punk and the Godfather: Mod style gets another glossy tome, in case you weren’t sure what to get Pete Townshend for Christmas. [GQ Eye]