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Nice Wallpaper

Nice Wallpapervia YHBTI

The Greatest Party Ever: Would you like to see an hour-long video of the release party for Paul’s Boutique? Of course you would. [WBE]

Never Too Many Books: Shots from the New York apartment of author Michael Cunningham. He has a bookshelf in his bathroom, people. [Work in Progress]

Boots and Socks: A walk in the woods with the Midwestyle chaps, and a very handsome pair of socks. [The Midwestyle]

The Tux Returns: The latest batch of Phineas Cole gear looks pretty good as well. [Men of Habit]

Evan Rachel Wood Got That Tattoo in the Navy

True Blue: The Midwest Style chaps return with an ode to the blue blazer. Their jeans aren’t so bad either. [The Midwest Style]

Just Add Lava: Dan Kois is taking ideas on how to fix the Oscars. The most promising so far: “Make It All Muppets.” We’d watch that. [Slate]

So Much Navajo: The Dutch mag tours the Rhinelander mansion, Ralph Lauren’s sprawling Manhattan flagship store. The pics are every bit as good as you’d think. [Tenue de Nîmes]

To Follow or Not to Follow: Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about models on Tumblr. [Oyster Mag]

The Ancient Rides


There’s a lot of faux-classical architecture out there, but we’d guess it’s mostly found in roadside amusement parks and Las Vegas.

After a bit of photographic trickery involving platinum, Beth Dow set her nostalgia-primed lens on various antiquity facades, and came away with something surprisingly haunting. The spookiest element here isn’t the fake coliseum—we’ve seen those before, especially in this light—but the locals walking by without a second thought.

Apparently go-kart tracks are where architecture goes to die.

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