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Jennifer Pugh is Feeling Nostalgic


The Throwback: Luciana Val & Franco Musso channel their inner Guccione for this faux-vintage snap. [Fashion Gone Rogue]

Operation Infinite Accessory: Here’s your chance to own the watch Saddam gave to his air force pilots. It’s the weirdest style pitch we’ve come across in quite some time. [Hodinkee]

A Little Lost: A full account of a mortifying evening with our favorite person in the world, Bill Murray. [Vulture]

Royal Rumble: Apple, HTC, Google and Microsoft are entering into the copyright equivalent of a cage match. This one will get ugly. [TechCrunch]

Vice Does its Part for Glaucoma Awareness


We’re Guessing It’s Medical: Vice distills its entire appeal into seven photographs. Naturally, they’re NSFW. [Vice]

On the Field: An insider’s look at the spectacularly preppy Gant by Michael Bastian show. [Valet]

A Man in Full: Roger Ebert stares down death. Rare stuff, here. [Esquire]

The Changing of the Guard: There is now a third kind of phone you have to care about. Consider yourself notified. [Gizmodo]

Who was that Masked Woman?


It’s Hard to Say: A Sam Haskins retrospective unearths an anonymous temptress. We're going with Claudia Cardinale...but we're open to suggestions. [The Moment]

I’ve Linked to the Future: Gizmodo gets the tech exclusive of the year with pics of Microsoft’s new booklet, dubbed “Courier.” [Gizmodo]

There Were Ghosts in the Eyes of all the Recording Engineers You Sent Away: A peek into the recording of Born to Run. [Slate]

Eccentricities Revealed: Mickey Rourke may have been gunning for the lead in a Qaddafi biopic all along. [Boing Boing]

Who Writes the Songs


Now that Guitar Hero and Rock Band have catapulted music into the video game sphere, everyone’s getting in on the game…and the results are getting pretty ugly.

Microsoft Songsmith, for instance, is meant to make songwriting accessible to everyone with a computer and a non-metallic ear, but it’s turned into a near-endless supply of 90s soft-rock shmaltz. And, unfortunately for Mr. Gates, it’s far better as comedy than music.

The result is a long string of previously beloved songs—“Creep,” “Roxanne,” and “Beat It,” for a start—digitally chewed up and spat out until almost unrecognizable. But a good music video always helps…

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Diamonds Are Forever


The phone wars have been heating up for a while, resulting in a bumper crop of cool gadgets and racking up a few casualties along the way. First the RAZR, then the iPhone…then the Diamond?

With Motorola’s phone division a distant memory and Apple looking surprisingly shaky, Microsoft is aiming to clean up with its Diamond, a new handheld that handles all the usual webbery but possibly with slightly more panache. And a full ounce lighter, which is what has the gadget-heads excited.

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