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Tracy Spiridakos Is Not on the Couch

  • Kempt Staff

Freudian Slipcover: GQ introduces the world to J.J. Abrams’s newest starlet, Tracy Spiridakos. Followed by a brief explanation of who she is. [GQ]

On a Roll: How to properly roll your sleeve in a politely disheveled manner. [Style Girlfriend]

Beer and Khakis: 10engines has found the ultimate style icon for those who’d rather forgo shorts in summer: Bad News Bears coach Morris Buttermaker. [10engines]

He Deserves a Medal: Mickey Rourke claims to have won a footrace against Usain Bolt. At 4am. We’re inclined to believe him. [Yahoo Sports]

Marinet Matthee Has Something Stuck in Her Teeth

Sole to Sole: A peek into the illustrious history of Oak Street Bootmakers. Very good stuff here. [Well Spent]

The Bumblebee: The Steelers’ black-and-yellow-striped throwback uniforms have gotten a lot of hate—but one blogger thinks they’re not so bad. [Deadspin]

A Man and His Shoes: Would you like to see pictures of Mickey Rourke’s bespoke velvet slippers? Of course you would. [Permanent Style]

The Big Picture: How to hide a portrait of yourself in the Pentagon for eight years without anyone noticing. [Wall Street Journal]

Sylva Koscina Does Not Share Melon

Sylva Koscinavia WBE

Behind the Window: The latest behind-the-scenes style blog comes out swinging with an insider analysis of Paul Stuart’s latest bloggy moves. [The Coe Journal]

Mickey Returns: Mickey Rourke gives a touching tribute to Brad Renfro, without going so far as to remember Brad Renfro’s name. [GQ]

O Snap: The world’s most expensive photograph sold for $4.3 million at Christie’s last night. Strangely, there is no nudity. [The Atlantic Wire]

The Boxer: George Foreman opens up about our most recent Icon, Joe Frazier. [Deadspin]

You’re Finished in This Town


In a business that judges impoliteness pretty harshly, we’re kind of amazed Vincent Gallo hasn’t been run out of town yet. But we’re glad because it means that from time to time, we get to hear batshit rants like this.

Over the course of 39 minutes, Mr. Gallo manages to mortally insult Steven Soderbergh, Martin Scorcese, Wes Anderson, Abel Ferrera, Spike Jonze, Sofia Coppola, Francis Ford Coppola, Eric Roberts, Dennis Hopper, Honda, and the Directors Guild of America. To be honest, it’s pretty rough going—and decidedly ungentlemanly throughout—but it should be a cautionary tale of what an out-of-control ego can make you sound like.

A word to the wise: If you find yourself trash-talking the director of The Godfather—who, coincidentally, gave you your most recent starring role—you may want to reconsider yourself as a human being.

On the plus side, he has nothing but nice things to say about Mickey Rourke.

The Wild Blue Yonder


The Water is Cold: The gentlemen at World’s Best Ever just turned us onto our new favorite photoblog. [Wicked Wink]

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Future of Mobile Harping: Apple unveils the iPad’s killer app, a music program called the Air Harp. Just like that, the venerable harp industry gets turned on its head. [TechCrunch]

Looking Patchy: A gentleman’s guide to madras. [Valet]

Suffering Whiplash: Mickey Rourke gets booted from the Iron Man 2 poster, presumably because he was upstaging Mr. Downey. [/Film]

Who was that Masked Woman?


It’s Hard to Say: A Sam Haskins retrospective unearths an anonymous temptress. We're going with Claudia Cardinale...but we're open to suggestions. [The Moment]

I’ve Linked to the Future: Gizmodo gets the tech exclusive of the year with pics of Microsoft’s new booklet, dubbed “Courier.” [Gizmodo]

There Were Ghosts in the Eyes of all the Recording Engineers You Sent Away: A peek into the recording of Born to Run. [Slate]

Eccentricities Revealed: Mickey Rourke may have been gunning for the lead in a Qaddafi biopic all along. [Boing Boing]

Don’t Call it a Comeback


Mickey Rourke has been stuck in sartorial purgatory for longer than we care to remember…but he still manages to surprise us from time to time.

Guest of a Guest managed to catch up with our favorite middleweight at a Merkato 55 brunch bash where they got this strangely compelling snap. We’re not sure if it’s Mickey pulling the old rose routine, the young woman’s palpably nervous expression or the deft combination of an argyle sweater and peak lapels, but for some reason we can’t look away.

You Never Know


Raising the Bar: Bar Rafaeli splits with Leo, presumably in search of a soft-spoken blogger type. [People]

Big Poppa: Esquire counts down the worst dads on record, including Stalin, Ivan the Terrible and Ryan O’Neal. [Esquire]

Men of Iron: Mickey Rourke’s Iron Man 2 outfit leaks, offering a clear improvement over his usual outfits. [CrunchGear]

Fare Thee Well: Florsheim Shoes loses the lease on its most famous New York branch. [Lost City]

Rabbit Hunting


John Varvatos has made his name by channeling old school masculine icons, so it was only a matter of time before he worked his way around to the Hef.

We ran into velvet Lexington loafer at the designer’s SoHo outpost, and couldn’t help but notice Mr. Varvatos’ latest style obsession. Apparently Mickey Rourke picked up a pair during his most recent New York soujourn, and we can’t say we’re surprised. There’s a whole generation of men looking to Mr. Hefner as their sartorial guide, and these loafers might be the first time that impulse has served them well.

And if Mr. Varvatos ever feels like ditching rock photography for a more stirring kind of store décor…let’s just say we know where to look.

Tadai Gets Rich, Topless Lohan, and the Swan Song of Mickey Rourke


Don’t Mess With Lohan: Lindsay Lohan does another set of topless snaps, courtesy of Hedi Slimane. Does this count as a step forward? [FashionIndie]

In Japan, Thermal Wrap Wears You: Tadai Yanashi, the owner of Uniqlo, is now officially Japan’s richest man. Suck on that, Shigeru Miyamoto! [Luxist]

It’s Fundamental: Esquire starts to read again…as we slowly stop reading Esquire. [Esquire]

Mickey Mouse Club: Vulture imagines the sublime trainwreck that could have been the Mickey Rourke acceptance speech. [Vulture]

Oscars, Oscars, and Amy Poehler


Dear Abby: Complex turns us on to the unique charms of British mini-star Abigail Clancy. Thanks, gentlemen. [Complex]

Blowhard 2, Blow Harder: A very brief, very critical history of Oscar speeches. [Esquire]

Slip Them a Mickey: Your guide to post-oscar careers, or exactly how long you’ll have to wait before Mickey Rourke is back on the street. [Vulture]

Regrets, I’ve Had a Few: Amy Poehler reconsiders a life in fashion. But not for very long. [BlackBook]

Geller’s Win, Sasha’s Stockings, and Natalia’s Skivvies


Behind the Camera: Natalia Vodianova sets out to make her name as a lingerie designer. But who will they hire to do the ads? [Luxist]

And the Winner Is…: Robert Geller takes home the GQ/CFDA award, beating out Rogues Gallery and Benjamin Bixby. Oh well, Maine will rise again. [Material Interest]

Dressed like a Porn Star: Sasha Grey shares her fashion wisdom…which seems to involve a lot of fishnets. [BlackBook]

Wrestling with Success: Mickey Rourke continues to be a magnificent trainwreck. [Vulture]

Mickey’s Face, Madoff’s Escape, and Sam’s Curtain Call


Face Off: We’ve been waiting for someone to explain what the hell happened to Mickey Rourke’s face. And finally, someone has. [Vulture]

There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand: Arrested Development comes to life with the Bernard Madoff scandal. Watch out for loose seals. [Gawker]

Horn of Plenty: The discreet charms of the shoe horn. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

Fare The Well: Actor Sam Bottoms, best known as the surfer in Apocalypse Now, has passed on. [Take Part]

The Rematch


The trailer for Mickey Rourke’s comeback vehicle, The Wrestler, just hit the web, and we’re suitably impressed. The Rocky parallels are piling up, right down to the fresh wounds in the economy, but the real show is bound to be the morbid fascination with what the last twenty years have done to Mickey Rourke. At this point, he’s every bit as humiliated and broken as the role requires, so we should be in for some real life pathos. And anything that gets Darren Aronofsky out of director's jail is fine with us.

See the new trailer here»