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The Rast Time


The tastefully oblique web video is quickly becoming a requirement for fledgling labels. Luckily, we’re always looking for something to watch.

The latest one, for Justin Timberlake’s upcoming William Rast line, finds Mr. Timberlake and model Erin Wasson trying out their Tennessee accents and handheld camera skills, while sporting a slightly dated military look. So far, they’re just professing love for each other and repeating the name “William Rast” over and over, but only three of the nine clips have been released.

Of course, Wasson broke her foot filming the spots, so we can expect some action at some point. The third clip lifts its music and voiceover from *Badlands*, possibly hinting at the direction the next six clips will take, but we don’t expect anything too dark from the former Mouseketeer.

At least, not until the next Timbaland collab comes through.

See Mr. Rast in action, after the jump»