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The February Issues

It’s been a strange month for magazines. We got to see more of Michelle Williams’ Marilyn impression, the wisdom of an ex-president and some quality drinking-and-shooting time with the bull-shaped creature known as Channing Tatum. But naturally, you’ll want more than that, so we’ve got an intricately detailed summary after the jump…

Here’s everything you need to know from February’s crop of glossies»

Michelle Williams Is Really Getting into This Marilyn Business

A Dangerous Method: Michelle Williams gets the profile treatment from GQ, coming off every bit as stable as Marilyn Monroe. [GQ]

Suit Up: In praise of the personal uniform, whether it’s Steve Jobs or Thom Browne. [Valet]

Clint Eastwood Is a Badass: The story of a 21-year-old Clint Eastwood, a plane crash at sea and a two-mile swim in very cold water. [The Scuttlefish]

The Faces of Market Week: Ryan Plett offers black-and-white snaps of the Ovadia twins and Matt from Sid Mashburn, among others. [TravelWell]

Anna Kaminska is Unhappy with Her Sheets

Fell On Black Days: A frighteningly comprehensive guide to tackling the orgy of commerce that is Black Friday. God be with you. [CrunchGear]

British Whimsy: McSweeney’s new London shop is predictably delightful. They sell “monster supplies,” apparently. [Creative Review]

Just Steer Clear of the Copy Machine: Getting drunk at your office party: a great idea, or an awesome idea? [Fast Company]

Blue Moon: Michelle Williams talks a good game. [In Contention]

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We'll see you on Monday.

The Smell of Success


Perfume ads have been teetering on the brink of self-parody since the famous black-and-white spots of the mid-80s, but things may have reached a new level. This still is from an ad for a new perfume called Greed, which does not exist. Or, more specifically, it’s from an ad for an ad for Greed, directed by Roman Polanski and starring Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams, which will be hitting the internet next week.

Perhaps more explanation is required»