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Beards, Jackets and J. Crew


Take it on the Chin: In honor of National Beard Month, here are a few of your options. [FashionIndie]

All the Real Girls: Gossip Girl goes completely off the rails. Not that we’re following it or anything. [Daily Intel]

In the Army Now: Even after the trend has broken and rolled back, military jackets are still pretty great. [Shoptometrist]

Part of the Crew: Even Mme. Obama loves J. Crew, which means their world takeover is nearly complete. [Jezebel]



Politicians are notoriously bad dressers—that’s a government salary for you—but if you’re enough of an icon, it doesn’t take much effort to become a style icon too.

After all, it’s called Kennedy chic for a reason.

The first contender to embrace the slim generation of suits (while his opponent is giving off slightly different signals), it’s no surprise that Obama's a favorite for the GQ and Esquire crowd. Unlike the rest of the C-SPAN fodder, Barack manages to make suits look good. (Not so hard, really—but like we said, it’s a low bar.)

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