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Only Gold


All that Glitters: In response to troubled times, CITY Magazine gets even crazier. [Refinery29]

Paint it White: Esquire rewrites the rules of wearing white—suspiciously, just after memorial day. [Esquire]

The Man in the Mirror: A hapless film critic subjects himself to Michel Gondry’s pitiless caricature skills. Better you than me, Mr. Modell. [A.V. Club]

Band Aparte: Band of Outsiders keeps cropped preppidom going in their F/W catalog. [Anthem]

You’ll Like This Site Because You’re In It


Filmmaker and noted Rubik’s cube enthusiast Michel Gondry just launched (via NotCot), and it’s well on its way to becoming the most whimsical thing on the internet. As you might imagine, it’s a pretty competitive title.

The site’s launch is timed to coincide with the director’s second music video compilation, but trust Gondry to use rudimentary Flash animation to create something both childlike and strangely troubling. The site begins with a mountain-nosed caricature of the Gondry standing at attention, and each product is explained by a new arm emerging, Quatto-like, from one of the director’s orifices with an informative placard.

The products include custom sketches, pre-drawn sketchpad toilet paper (“Wipe your ass with Michel’s good ideas”), and a disaster-themed calendar for 2007—which, the site notes helpfully, will be date-accurate again in 2018.

Code Pink, Knockout Punches and Towering Tommy


Foxy Boxing: Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes and, sigh, Karolina Kurkova have been practicing the sweet science at a local gym. We kind of like the fact that they could beat the snot out of us. [Observer]

"Women Love You in Pink Shirts": We have personal, experiential evidence that this is true. [Just a Guy Thing]

Barney and Friends: The appearences of Michel Gondry, Timo and Panama-hat wearing ping-pong champs at Matthew Barney's National Arts Club dinner add up to the first party report that actually made us jealous. [VF Daily]

One Step at a Time: Just like everything else there, shoemaking in Iraq is a study in tragedy and persistence. [IHT]

Neighborhood Watch: How could we have missed this one? Not only has our beloved Style Guy returned from the front with a new report on CBGB's, but he also waxes nostalgic (in his own unsentimental way) about causing a minor riot with his "socialist-realist rock band." Awesome. [GQ]

Acne Treatment: What? You still haven't hit Acne? [Paper]