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Playing with My Wind Machine, No Big Deal

Wind Machinevia YHBTI

Right on Track: Michael Williams visits California’s Santa Anita Derby. Great photography ensues. [A Continuous Lean]

A Man, His Suits, His Cars: More photos of Lapo Elkann than you’ve ever wanted to see. [Men of Habit]

Look Close: Derek Guy breaks down the details that separate a well-made shirt from a cheap one. Look close, and you’ll know what you’re getting. [Put This On]

The Latest from Japan: Beams unveils their spring/summer lookbook, including vintage caps and innovative scarf knots. Take notes. [Selectism]

Gracie Carvalho is Unmaking the Bed

Gracie Carvalhovia WBE

Popping Up Again: More Pop Up Flea goodness, this time coming as an interview with Michael Williams. We can neither confirm nor deny the presence of an indoor ski slope. [Valet]

Behind the Thread: Brunello Cucinelli talks about the secret to building a cashmere empire. [WSJ]

The Actors Speak: A round-table of well-awarded actors, talking shop—including some reminiscence from George Clooney on his days working in the tobacco fields of Kentucky. [The Hollywood Reporter]

So Many Scarves, It’s Crazy: Pictures from the opening of Chicago’s Haberdash. Would that we were there. [You Have Broken the Internet]

Pop Up Flea Goes Fourth

Pop Up Flea

It’s that time of year again.

Tomorrow morning, the Pop Up Flea returns for a weekend of Americana and earnest camaraderie—brought to you by Michael Williams and our esteemed Editorial Director Randy Goldberg.

As anyone who’s stopped by can tell you, it’s a great place to pick up gifts or meet the people behind a few of our favorite brands. (They’re actually really nice, it turns out.) The address is 159 Bleecker St—and to give you an idea of what you’ll find there, we’ve got a video introduction and a brand list after the jump.

A no-holds-barred investigation into the seedy underbelly of the Pop Up Flea (not really)»

The Five Kinds of Camo That Matter

There’s a lot of camo out there—and if recent events are any indication, we’re adding new patterns as fast as we can. It can be a little daunting, so we’ve stripped things down to the bare minimum: the five patterns that matter circa 2011—from digital to duck hunter. So before you buy that elegantly military pocket square, you may have a little research to do.

The world of camo, in five easy pieces...»

Nimue Smit is Summoning a Vodka Tonic and a Chair

Project Wooster is Go: Michael Williams takes a tour of Nick Wooster’s latest creation. Todd Snyder’s looking pretty, pretty, pretty good. [A Continuous Lean]

Know The Enemy: An earnest plea for the end of five-finger shoes in non-jogging settings. Unfortunately, we suspect this conspiracy goes all the way to the top. [Zulkey]

Two Wheels: Driven digs up a 1937 Bonham’s motorbike, coming up for auction September 10th. [Driven]

Man at Work: A look at Lewis Lapham’s office, desk and pocket square. All three are extremely well chosen. [Work in Progress]

Natalie Martinez is a Big Fan of Cotton

Natalie Martinezvia GQ

Vintage in Miniature: Michael Williams ventures into Levi’s Vintage Clothing’s gallery of terrifying doll garments. Be warned: What you see beyond this link may shock you to your very core. [A Continuous Lean]

Through The Years: A generational guide to using your smartphone. The verdict: You may not want to keep it on the table, no matter how young you are. [GOOD]

Boiled Beef and Arbuckle Coffee: A firsthand look at the lifestyle and diet of a cowboy, circa 1890. Your mileage may vary. [Boing Boing]

Seersucker and Skirted Loafers: A street style session with Nickelson Wooster. The man definitely knows how to wear shorts. [tucked]

Some People Just Love the Mail

Stitch After Stitch: Michael Williams tours Isaia’s Napoli factory, one handmade buttonhole at a time. [A Continuous Lean]

The Secret Agent: A few style tips from the James Bonds of the world. First, you’re going to need an underwater car. [Esquire]

Ring a Ding Ding: A thoughtful look back at Sinatra’s 60s work, for anyone who’s ever felt behind the times. [A.V. Club]

The Leather Men: A tour of Tanner Goods Portland headquarters. So, so much leather. [Cool Hunting]

Valerie Van De Graaf is a Conspicuous Detective

The Lion in Winter: In his later years, Churchill favored a twist on our favored continental breakfast. A whiskey soda is involved. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

Knife Shopping in Milan: Touring Italy, Michael Williams finds the most unpretentious, utilitarian shop in Milan—a knife store. Of course. [A Continuous Lean]

A Trad’s Guide: Jesse Thorn sits down with Thom Browne and the head of made-to-measure at J.Press. There will be shaggy does. [Put This On]

Bull Market: The last supper of the legendary El Bulli. [The Moment]

The Pop Up Flea Rides Again


Late autumn can only mean one thing…

The frenzy of menswear known as the Pop Up Flea is returning for a third incarnation next weekend at Open House Gallery—courtesy of ACL’s Michael Williams and Kempt’s own Randy Goldberg—and we thought we’d give you an early nod as to what you can expect to find there. For starters, we predict vintage baseballs, motorcycle jackets and more handsome leather goods than you can shake a two-inch belt at. But really, that’s just the beginning…

See the full list of brands after the jump»

Natalia Vodianova is Working on her Base Tan


On the Beach: Natalia Vodianova grapples with an unbelievably small beach towel. [Refinery29]

Fare Thee Well: The L.A. Times turns in one of the better Alexander McQueen appreciations of the day. Raise a glass. [All the Rage]

Don’t You Love a Singer: A critical appraisal of John Mayer as a human. The lesson: maybe try to be less of a jerk. [This Recording]

Jean Shop: Michael Williams tours the heritage denim of London. [A Continuous Lean]

Prep Yourself


ACL’s Michael Williams and Kempt’s own venerable Randy Goldberg have put together a pop-up this weekend in Nolita, and we couldn’t resist a quick peek at the stock.

The post-Hickey milliners at Hattan have already garnered a bit of press, and you can see the full list here, but our early favorite is the set of vintage gear pulled together by J. Press’s Mark McNairy, including classic Ray-Bans and oxfords direct from the Princeton shop. Call it the literal approach to taking ivy

Mosquito Alert


Gone Fishin’: S Magazine pioneers the pantsless-fishing photoeditorial. Apparently it’s still too real for the mainstream. [The Cut]

Blood and Goretex: Mr. Williams continues his string of envy-inducing factory tours with a trip to Vancouver’s Arc’teryx shop. [A Continuous Lean]

Building Buzz: Givenchy has been giving its models some frighteningly pointy buzz cuts. [The Moment]

Cover Girl: Apparently a topless Gisele pic can’t move copies like it used to. Market saturation? Impossible! [Gawker]

Maybe it’s the Pictures


Required Reading: For some reason, the Italian Marie Claire is a lot more compelling than the stateside version. [Refinery29]

Ed is Dead: Michael Williams takes on the Edwardian end of British style. [A Continuous Lean]

Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide: A look at the Giraffes’ frontman, after a brush with cardiac failure. [NYMag]

On the Scene: Dispatches from the latest Generic Man opening. Sadly, we were otherwise detained at the time. [Selectism]