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On the Importance of 1993, Beyoncé’s Hips and Fake Tanner

  • Kempt Staff


93 Till Infinity: Vulture explores the idea that 1993 changed the world—including lesser-known facts, like that was the year Moby got his first EarthLink account.

Ravishing Rick: With the news of Richard III’s exhumed bones in a Leicester, England, parking lot, Vanity Fair imagines how that might inform a high schooler’s essay on the eponymous Shakespeare play.

African-Americana: NPR delves deep into Beyoncé’s halftime performance—charting it from its vaudevillian roots to its current-day significance in pop culture and beyond.

But of Kors: GQ gets some timely tips from Michael Kors on playing to your strengths and using fake tanner.

McQueen's Machines

  • Jared Paul Stern

Steve McQueen

Sixties star Steve McQueen's rugged sportiness, authenticity and innate good taste are such that the likes of Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors have built whole collections around his stylistic legacy (yes, he's the reason you're wearing that shawl-collared sweater).

They and other fashion folk routinely pore over photos of the “King of Cool” for inspiration. And while a superb new book of pix—*McQueen's Machines: The Cars and Bikes of a Hollywood Icon*—focuses

mainly on his automotive pursuits, they were such a major part of the actor's panache this one's no doubt destined for designers' libraries as well.

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