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Before They Were Bald

Andre Agassi

There are some things that have been proven to get better with time. Wine. Cheese. Cindy Crawford. But some, well, some just get balder.

It’s a plight that a great many men have fallen victim to, this thinning up top. Or, should we also say, many great men. And for a select lucky few of them, these physical recessions have had no accompanying effects on their professional lives. In fact, in some cases, it could probably be argued that an increasingly exposed dome only contributed to further career successes.

Not that we’d wish such follicular challenges on anyone. We’re just saying there are worse things.

So now join us as we take a look back at some of history’s greatest “cue balls”—before we had the pleasure of calling them that—after the jump...»

Smell Test: Michael Jordan’s Flight Sport

Smell Test

Basketball legend Michael Jordan has made some questionable decisions since the days we trusted him on the court. So when we saw he had released the “Sport” version of his original eau de toilette, Flight, earlier this year, we were skeptical.

According to Perfumania, Flight Sport boasts notes of mandarin oil, geranium, patchouli, white lavender, vanilla and skin musk. We’re not convinced. So we had a few of Kempt’s most sophisticated noses take a spritz and evaluate. Here’s what they had to say:»

Style Icons Throwing Out the First Pitch

  • Najib Benouar

First Pitch

Baseball is finally back.

As you might recall, we spent last week counting down to MLB’s opening day with a how-to on catching a foul ball, an homage to Satchel Paige, considering the meaning of baseball caps and reminiscing over The Sandlot...

And now we’d like to celebrate our favorite baseball tradition of them all: throwing out the first pitch. Naturally, over the years, more than a few style icons—from JFK to Eddie Vedder—have taken the mound for the inaugural heave, and we’ve rounded up some of the most stylish non-belly-itchers of all time. So, without further ado:

Style icons throwing out the first pitch.»

All-Star Style, Jordan’s Birthday and Poppy Delevigne

  • Kempt Staff


Shooter’s Touch: Kevin Durant played guest style correspondent for GQ during the weekend's NBA All-Star festivities—and ranked the most stylish players in attendance.

Rarefied Airness: On the occasion of Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday, Devour counts down the Great One’s top 50 plays.

Kid Stays in the Picture: Bruce Weber has your Oscars primer with a look back at his Hollywood portfolio.

Everybody’s Doing It: Poppy Delevigne lends a handsome hand to Rag & Bone’s DIY project.

Jessica Chastain Finds Your Klout Score Upsetting

  • Kempt Staff

Jessica Chastainvia GQ UK

Golden Fleecing: Richard Press tells the story of how Brooks Brothers shaped generations of preppiness—J. Press included. [Ivy Style]

No Cargo: Michael Jordan has been losing sartorial steam for some time—and now it’s getting him kicked out of places. [NY Post]

All the Leaves: A stunning time-lapse celebration of the vibrant autumnal foliage in Central Park. [The Atlantic]

Basel Tov: For those of you heading down to Miami for Art Basel next week, Bullett magazine has your 12-step game plan. [Bullett]

The Very Best Nicknames in Sports

Lawrence Berra was nicknamed “Yogi” by Bobby Hofman, who thought Berra resembled a Hindu yogi—solemnly seated with arms and legs crossed—after losing a game.

When Kansas City Athletics owner Charlie Finley saw Jim Hunter pitch for the first time in 1965, he knew he’d signed a legend. The only problem, according to Finley, was the name—“Jim Hunter” didn’t sell tickets. The next morning, Finley called Hunter into his office and informed him that his name was now “Catfish.” Jim was understandably confused, and while the conversation was not recorded, we’re almost positive his response was, “Um... why’s that?”

That’s because baseball players, like all professional athletes, are first and foremost entertainers—and entertainers aren’t named “Jim.” Unfortunately, guys like Charlie Finley are a bit of a dying breed. The perfect nickname used to be steeped in lore, metaphorically connected to athletic prowess, an inside-out joke that made children of all ages—particularly the nickname-ee—grin. Now, it seems, the “-Rod” generation simply resorts to hyphenated pig latin of sorts.

As Hunter left the office, he asked his new owner what he should say if and when people asked about the origin of his new nickname. Finley replied, “You came back from the river on your 10th birthday having caught six catfish and handed them to your old man. Sell it. Goodbye.” On that note, we now present the very best nicknames in sports...

And the nominees are...»

Would Michael Jordan Let Someone Else Be Frontman?

This unlikely jazz combo comes from a Rémy Martin party last night, in celebration of Chris Bosh’s 28th birthday. (He’s the one on the left, for non-ESPN-watchers.) Naturally, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade tagged along, and before long the Heat’s big three had formed an impromptu jazz trio.

It’s always nice to see Wade showing off his bolero skills, but we’re more concerned with Mr. James’s position on the drums. There’s something troubling about seeing him there, the same feeling we’ve felt in more than a few Miami Heat games recently—a single, soul-consuming thought that explains the cloud of disappointment that’s followed King James his whole career.

Maybe LeBron James is a drummer at heart.

Here’s what we mean, and why it would be a terrible thing»

The Basketball Uniform: An Evolution

Basketball UniformUntil the 1930s, most basketball jerseys fastened underneath the crotch to keep them from becoming untucked.

From trousers to satin briefs, turtlenecks to track suits, the basketball uniform has changed more than that of any other professional sport. To kick off yet another March of madness, Kempt takes a look back at some of the most memorable on-court style moments in basketball’s 120-year history.

It all began as a bit of a joke...»

Doing Donuts


The shaved head was enough of a 90s staple that it had a Seinfeld episode dedicated to it (“The Little Jerry”, for the curious), but it may be time for something else. The folks at GQ believe they’ve found it in “The Power Donut,” a look championed by the deftly macho Ed Harris and lovably bumbling Gerald Ford. The slideshow makes a pretty good case for letting your follicles make a last stand.

It’s definitely time for a change, but we can’t help but think wistfully of the 90s icons to rock the cueball: Andre Agassi, Michael Jordan, and even Natalie Portman. It was so good for so long! But by the time Moby came along, we knew it was on the way out.

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