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The 64 Greatest Pajamas of All Time

  • Kempt Staff


What you wear to bed can often feel like an afterthought...

But not today.

Because today we’re giving sleepwear, in all of its glorious forms (including Marilyn Monroe’s lack thereof), its proper due. And after a painstakingly thorough search—no movie set, red carpet or private boudoir went unturned—we managed to assemble a definitive list of the 64 greatest moments in pajama-dom. That’s right, we found every last one of them.

So, without further ado: let us count down the 64 greatest pajamas, ever.»

Andreea Diaconu Is Thankful for Tropical Weather

  • Kempt Staff

via World’s Best Ever

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Your MJ Halloween Costume Just Got a Lot More Authentic

It is decidedly not “too soon” to auction off every stitch of fabric the King of Pop ever touched. A while back it was these red velvet armchairs embroidered with eagles, last month it was the black surgical mask he wore the night before he died, and on July 3, for your bidding pleasure, the folks at Bonhams will be presenting Michael’s trademark military jacket (the one in which he most preferred to meet princes).

Fortunately, there’s a typewritten label inside the pocket with MJ’s name, the date and, most importantly, contact information for the Savile Row tailor you’re going to want to get in touch with before trying on the jacket.

We’re guessing they’ll need to take it out a few inches.

Extraordinary Moments in Soul Train History

Earlier this week, Don Cornelius, the beloved host and creator of Soul Train, chose the Gunter Sachs method of treating Alzheimer’s disease: he shot himself in the head. Though terribly sad, it’s not at all surprising that men like Cornelius and Sachs—both unceasingly proud and dignified individuals who lived fairy-tale lives—opted to stare down the barrel of a shotgun rather than the dim, tapering tunnel of dementia.

Many under the age of 30 had likely never heard of Mr. Cornelius before this week, since his 22-year tenure as tour guide on “The Hippest Trip in America” ended in 1993. But any fans of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Gladys Knight, Run-DMC or countless other artists whose careers began on Soul Train owe a healthy bit of gratitude to Don Cornelius.

To that end, we present you with three of the most extraordinary moments in Soul Train history.»

Anka Returns!


Michael Jackson’s posthumous single, “This Is It,” debuted online Monday, but after a little legal wrangling, it looks like it’s going to be a grand comeback for more than just Jackson. In what has to be the unlikely pop culture development of the new millennium, jinglemeister Paul Anka will be taking home half the royalties, thanks to a co-writing credit.

Apparently “This is It” was originally planned for Anka’s 1983 album, but Jackson slipped away with the demo tapes after they were recorded. We’re not surprised he ran off…but we’re a little surprised Anka got him in the studio at all. Jackson was still riding a shockingly long string of #1 singles and Anka was certainly no McCartney.

With due respect to the man who wrote “My Way,” it looks like Jacko held him in higher esteem than just about anyone in Los Angeles—and we have no idea why. If you’re so moved, you can dig through Anka’s back catalogue to try to figure it out, but we prefer to chalk it up to creative eccentricity.

Hear the two geniuses at work»

The Love You Save


Along with the rest of the internet, we’re taking a brief moment for Mr. Jackson.

For the past 25 years, he’s been one of the most broad-reaching cultural figures on the planet…for better and for worse. And while Thriller and “I Want You Back” are forever, it’s hard to ignore how limited the scope of his life was—limited by money and the suffocating effects of fame. More worthwhile thoughts can be found here, here and here but we’ll let Youtube speak for itself»

Fox, W.K. and Pontiac


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