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The Perfect Fit


If you’ve been poring over fashion interviews this past week—and if you haven’t, we forgive you—you may have come across the following gem from Michael Bastian:

Take a polo shirt: the sleeves should hit right above the bicep—that makes your arm look amazing. It’s not a big change, but it’s slightly different than what you’re used to.

We’ve been puzzling over exactly what that looks like for a few days now, but fortunately Unis was good enough to provide us with the perfect example, courtesy of their Spring 2010 lookbook. If you were wondering, this is exactly how your polo shirt should fit. In fact, you may want to keep this picture in your wallet next time you hit the shops.

In particular, notice that the gentleman in question doesn’t have gym-rat arms, and despite the Bastian connection, he doesn’t come off as particularly preppy. He’s just a well-dressed man who knows how a polo should fit.

This Year’s Model


Michael Bastian has been turning out elegant-if-pricey staples for a couple seasons now, and before that he was with the ur-preppies at Polo, so if there’s a next big thing in preppidom, our money’s on him. And apparently Gant agrees.

His collaboration with the storied rugby brand debuted at Fashion Week last month and images are finally leaking to the web. We don’t endorse every last piece—particularly the over-distressed jeans and khakis—but of the 42 items there are at least seven we’re not sure we can do without. Not a bad average, as these things go.

Our favorite is this wool pant, the kind of rough-textured fall pant we usually turn to Sweden for. It’ll be a few more months before you can see them in person, but we’re guessing it’s worth the wait.

Fashion Week Hangover #4


As we head towards the top (or bottom) of our list, sportswear slowly falls away and the cream rises.

4. Tie — Gilded Age and John Varvatos:

Two more different collections would be hard to find. For the Kempt man, however, Gilded Age and John Varvatos represent a perfect balance of casual and formal. Yes, Gilded Age (pictured) upped the ante this year with a new capsule line of fine, history-inspired wool suits and bowler hats. Still, the best things here stressed comfort and ease—hearty outdoor ware for more active hours. Varvatos, on the other hand, has pushed himself closer to European territory. His shimmering gray collection lies closer to the boundaries of fashion than almost any of his previous work (perhaps toiling for Converse has compelled him to whip up these chancy new lapels and such.) It's heady stuff, but just as slick and masculine as ever. Grab a little from each of these lines, and you're set till 2010. [links above]

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