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One Way or Another


Hey, Blondie: The JC Report sings the praises of Ms. Debbie Harry. [JC Report]

I Wish I Could Quit You: Michael Arrington has had enough of the iPhone. Expect some blowback from this one. [TechCrunch]

Bat Boy Lives: The Weekly World News archives go online. [Gawker]

No Bark: Creature featurer Guillermo del Toro on the enduring appeal of the vampire. Apparently Lord Byron has a lot to answer for. [NYTimes]

All Shook Up


One of the perks of being a blogger (aside from the untold riches) is the power to indulge in pet causes from time to time. But choose wisely…

TechCrunch founder and professional networker Michael Arrington has picked a pretty odd one: abolishing the handshake. Motivated by a mild, reasonable germophobia, Arrington has made a fairly consistent case for doing away with the practice, and today the cause made it all the way to the Boston Globe Magazine which, we assume, counts as the big time.

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