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Amanda Laine Has Forgotten Where She Left Her Phone

Keep It Under Your Toque: Finally, an answer to the question, “Why do nautical explorers always wear knit hats?” [Slate]

Nice One, Darmody: Prada’s Michael Pitt series finally gets some video. Very handsome. [Selectism]

Swingers: The story of when two 70s-era Yankees indulged in the practice known as wife-swapping. Sadly, the Times found out and squared things up. [Deadspin]

Men of the Cloth: Fact of the Day: oxford cloth is indeed named after the university, and once upon a time there was Cambridge cloth too. [Of Rogues and Gentlemen]

June Palmer Has Seized Control of Your Windowsill

june palmervia WBE

Mr. Darmody Returns: Our old friend Michael Pitt takes a turn modeling for Prada, braving double-breasted suits and Eisenhower-era prints. [F-Tape]

Inside Out: A welcome look at the guts of a pair of unsanforized Cone Mills jeans, courtesy of Roy’s. [Selectism]

The Very Last Minute: An extremely last-minute gift guide, full of high-design trinkets. In our experience, everyone needs a wooden radio. [Better Living Through Design]

Bike vs. Mountain: Three crazy Germans (one of whom is named “Jello”) tackle an unbelievably treacherous mountain path on bicycle. Yes, there’s video. [Kottke]