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Jake Davis Is At It Again

  • Kempt Staff

via Jake Davis

Blessed Union: This time Mr. Davis and Adrianne Ho have reconnected (and brought in some backup) for the lookbook of the LA shop, Union. [Jake Davis]

Zen and the Art of Menswear Maintenance: A handy guide on the easy fixes you can give your occasional ripped seam, pulled hem or loose button. [Valet]

Lock Stock: Put This On vets an attractively priced pair of bench-made shoes by having a local cobbler put them through the paces. The results are encouraging. [PTO]

Beats by Omar: Michael K. Williams reveals the playlist he made for his legendary (and presidential favorite) character from The Wire. [Vulture]

Man of the Hour: Michael K. Williams

  • Najib Benouar

Michael K. Williamsvia British GQ

Gentlemen, take note. This is how you should be dressed right now.

As demonstrated here by one Michael Kenneth Williams at a recent Emmys Q&A for Boardwalk Empire—so he gets extra points for resisting the urge to show up in a three-piece. You might want to tone down the colors for everyday use, but everything here is right on: the trad navy blazer with gold buttons, the extra layer to account for a spring weather swing, the open collar. It all starts feeling a little Brooks Brothers until you spot those slightly eccentric blue brogues.

The lesson here: a little eccentricity goes a long way. (And even when it comes to pastels, Omar don’t scare.)

Kempt Man of the Hour: Michael K. Williams

Michael K. WilliamsClick to see full size

This was an easy one.

Sure, Gosling may have been gallivanting through Paris with Eva Mendes and a well-cut pea coat, but the best dressed gentleman of this particular week was Michael K. Williams, as spotted at the Hugo premiere.

The turtleneck’s handsome enough—especially when most of the crowd was in a suit and tie—but the real prize is the vaguely Cossack overcoat, complete some of the coziest lapels in the Western hemisphere.

Put them together and he looks like he just stepped out of a Cucinelli ad. Legendary stuff.