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Ball of Flowers


There are many theories on the correct way to dress for an art show party, but Takashi Murakami clearly subscribes to the “batshit crazy” school. Try to imagine Damien Hirst doing this, and you’ll know why we prefer Takashi.

This photo comes from the Art Basel show currently happening in Miami beach, so he doesn’t have all that much to lose. Nobody begrudges a crazy artist or two, and after taking a look at their balance sheets, we bet a bit of cartoonish glee was just what they needed.

Reach the Beach

  • Jared Paul Stern


We've never been overly fond of Miami Beach—the “badly-dressed epicenter of the Northern Hemisphere”, as we once put it—a place where even the normally natty seems to lose their sartorial senses.

We're seriously reconsidering that position however since the advent of a Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week offshoot dedicated to swimwear, which wrapped up yesterday. In New York there'd be the usual parade of starving waifs stumbling down the runway, but this being Miami the catwalk was packed with stacked stunners eye-popping enough for us to ignore how hideous most of the designs were.

Never mind that GQ recently declared that fake tits are as outré in the current economic climate as gas-guzzling SUVs.

The news apparently never reached Miami, and therein lies its charm.