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A Menswear Game Changer Opens Up in Miami

  • Caitlin Ganswindt

0827KMT - Cottage UrbanDaddy Miami has tipped us off to the opening of Cottage, a first-of-its-kind menswear shop in the heart of Sunset Harbor. Meaning a triumphant win for all of our sartorially minded followers hailing from the Magic City.

Until now, the Miami style scene has relied heavily on department stores and e-commerce imports. The mastermind behind this new brick-and-mortar, Ariel Burman, seeks to change all that, aiming to bring the beachy-yet-dapper awareness of Nantucket, Malibu and Biarritz to his hometown.

He’s curated the place much like he would his own closet, resulting in a healthy mix of American and European designers all playing nicely under one laid-back (and canoe-lined) roof.

It’s fixing to be your new go-to stop for everything from washed trousers to all-weather knits to grooming basics and all manner of suiting/accessorizing in between, tapping brands like A.P.C., Band of Outsiders, Saturdays Surf NYC, Michael Bastian and Todd Snyder, along with a slew of other gentlemanly powerhouses.

Check out the sun-kissed game changer after the jump.»

Supply & Advise Pops Up in Miami

  • Najib Benouar

Supply header 0709

Perhaps this is just a coincidence, but ever since we visited Miami during our Style Shifters campaign, it’s become quite the hotbed of menswear activity.

But we can’t take all the credit, because it’s really shops like this new pop-up in Wynwood, Supply & Advise, that are bearing the torch for the non–Don Johnson end of the Miami style spectrum. A tip of the hat to our friends at UrbanDaddy Miami, who got the scoop on the latest bastion of new-age Americana that stocks the likes of Gitman Vintage shirts sitting beside Filson bags and Randolph Engineering aviators (all on top of an Army-issue mule vehicle, front and center). It’s handsome stuff, and we’d be remiss not to alert you to it, should you be taking your talents to South Beach anytime soon.

And if not, don’t worry, we got a peek inside and it’s equally as good-looking as it sounds.»

Kate Upton Won’t Stop Until She’s On A Wheaties Box

  • Najib Benouar

via Vogue Spain

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Kempt Man of the Hour: Fabrizio Rollo

Our cardinal rule of style is to dress for the occasion. And when you’re a Vogue Brazil editor on assignment in Art Basel, that means bringing your A-game.

Fortunately, when presented with said challenge, Fabrizio Rollo knocked it out of the park.

The sockless loafers speak for themselves, as does the just-weird-enough chambray tuxedo shirt—so we’ll start with those pants. We haven’t seen double pleats on a fashionista in quite a while, much less wool pants rolled above the ankle, but if you’re dressing for a cold season in a warm climate (like Miami in December or Rio in July) it’s a pretty smart move.

Throw in a summer scarf tied over both the collar and the shirt, and you’re in hall of fame territory. Take notes, gentlemen.