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Okay, Maybe This Holiday Isn’t Bullshit

We’d like to revise our stance on bullshit holidays.

You see, National Tequila Day is coming up on the 24th, and in our heart of hearts, we can’t let such a momentous occasion pass without indulging in a little celebration.

Tequila gets a bad rap. It has inspired garish T-shirts, cringe-inducing country tunes and countless acts of spring break in the third degree.

So in an effort to right those wrongs in honor of its special day, we recommend enjoying tequila the way they do in Mexico: with a majestic three-shot combination known as the bandera.

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Weekend Winners: Tiger, Ted, España and Enrique Peña Nieto

It was a great weekend to be wearing red: Tiger Woods won his 74th PGA tournament at Congressional, moving him past Jack Nicklaus into second place for total wins, eight short of Sam Snead’s record. Spain, the reigning World Cup champions, defeated Italy 4-0 on Sunday to win its second consecutive Euro championship title, causing many to wonder if they’re the best soccer team of all time. Meanwhile, Enrique Peña Nieto won the presidential election held in Mexico over the weekend—and so begins what will likely be a difficult job for Señor Nieto. Less difficult will be Seth MacFarlane’s negotiation for making Ted 2, as he and his dickish teddy bear brought in an estimated $54.1 million at the box office over the weekend—35% higher than the loftiest prerelease predictions.

In other news, Monday’s feeling a whole lot like Thursday this week...

Solange is Shedding Layers

Please, Let’s Not: The Latest in shoe trends: Mexican jester boots that curve up two feet in front of your toes. We’ll say it: worse than Crocs. [Antenna]

This Week in Slander: A fake Q&A with Terrence Malick. Apparently he’s a big American Idol fan. [Vulture]

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Under the Brim: An intelligent gentleman thinks long and hard about purchasing a hat. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

Gil Elvgren Knows How to Paint a Happy Bear


The Golden Age: Boing Boing digs up a treasure trove of midcentury cheesecake art coming up for auction. [Boing Boing]

Live by the Machete, Die by the Machete: The year’s most trenchant statement on immigration involves people being gored with a machete. Don’t let us down, Trejo. [Vulture]

Sun Worshippers: Not to be outdone by a grindhouse flick, the Suns change their jerseys to read “Los Suns.” Class move, gentlemen. [Yahoo]

Blue People, Dear Reader: The Na’vi language gets an in-depth look, although it’s still not as complex as Klingon. [The Verge]

The New Frames


The best frames don’t always come from designers—for one, the touchstone of British eyewear is still the National Health Service specs rocked by Morrissey and Elvis Costello—so it’s worth paying attention to what’s the world’s opticians have in stock.

These frames from Yves Behar’s Fuseproject just arrived as part of a larger charity mission to get proper eye care to Mexican schoolchildren. They’ll be shipping out at a rate of roughly 300,000 a year, which means they’ll have a pretty big footprint. We prefer the round Corbusier-style frames, but there’s also a squared off version and the colors will change up from school to school. They should be a signature style for a whole generation of kids, so don’t be surprised if you see them on the next movie star who moves north to make it big.

Or if you see a knockoff in next year's designer collections.

Playboy Under Wraps, Emo Wars and Going on The Pill


White Wash: The massive DKNY advertising mural turned Soho icon at Manhattan's Houston and Broadway is, like all the other signs of the neighborhood's 80s heyday, not long for this world. [WWD]

NFL Lock Out: Football may ban excessive hair use, putting an end to those Thors and rastas of the gridiron. [Styledash]

Chaste Bunnies: The Philippine version of Playboy will be a fully-clothed, demure affair with, "maybe one nipple," here and there. No fun. [Canadian Press]

Forever in Blue Jeans: Mike "Muffin Top" Albo searches for recession-proof denim. [NYTimes]

Panic at The Mexico: Emo kids are facing systematic beat downs south of the border and uniting to defend their rights and feathered hair. March on, wasted youth. March on. [The Daily Swarm]

Forged Signature: Refusing to let a little thing like legal permission hold it back, an Italian clothes maker bravely strikes out on its own to create the George Clooney collection. [WWD]

The Holy Grail: Bring on the male birth-control pill. [Altpenis]