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Silence is Golden


Silent movies usually get treated like museum pieces, but Fritz Lang's Metropolis still has quite a bit of life left in it. Between the massive sets, mind-boggling choreography and the first noted appearance of the “sexy robot” archetype, it’s still one of the coolest sci-fi movies ever made—in part because it feels more like a fairy tale than a scientific prediction.

Unfortunately, it was made in the days before final cut, so for the past 75 years all we’ve had to go on is the abbreviated cut released to America. But a few summers back an Argentinean curator stumbled across a stash of negatives with an extra 25 minutes that no one had seen since the Berlin premiere—and that version is finally making its way to DVD. You may want to start with a shorter version if you’re not already a fan—or you’re not used to the inflated acting style—but either way, it should be quite a ride.