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The Benz Whisperers, Separating Fake from Real and the Hottest Cars from the New York Auto Show

  • Kempt Staff

New York Auto Show

A Fool No Longer: Your definitive guide to every April Fools’ Day prank on the Internet yesterday, courtesy of BuzzFeed.

Benz Whisperers: T Magazine discovers a boutique restoration company in California breathing new life into 40-year-old Mercedes coupes, sedans and wagons.

Timekeeper: A look at the new book on watchmaker George Daniels, the “godfather of mechanical movement.”

And Now: The 11 cars from the New York Auto Show that made Cool Material drool...

Cris Herrman is Pioneering Topless Yoga

Etiquette Class: The Times shows a little love to the Street Etiquette chaps, limiting themselves to one superfluous Fonzworth Bentley reference. [NYTimes]

The Gullwing Door: Michael Williams takes a spin or two in the new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG on a rain-slicked test course outside Stuttgart. [Driven]

A Little Paint is a Dangerous Thing: Andy Warhol does strange, unnatural things to a BMW M1. [Secret Forts]

Shining Bright: Perhaps today is the day you buy a 1963 Airstream trailer for $58,000. You never know. [Gear Patrol]

Michelle Pfeiffer is the Only Catwoman


Knightlife: Casting news comes down the pike on Nolan’s third Batman, confirming Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. Naturally, we’re a bit nostalgic… [/Film]

This Sporting Life: The Quarterly takes a look at our favorite sports blog, Deadspin, and displays admirable restraint in avoiding Favre jokes. [GQ]

Benz, Not Breaks: Berlin Fashion Week unveils a set of Mercedes Benz-related sculptures. [Cool Hunting]

Well Polished: Advanced tips from the world of high-gloss shoe maintenance. [Mister Crew]

Reach the Beach

  • Jared Paul Stern


We've never been overly fond of Miami Beach—the “badly-dressed epicenter of the Northern Hemisphere”, as we once put it—a place where even the normally natty seems to lose their sartorial senses.

We're seriously reconsidering that position however since the advent of a Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week offshoot dedicated to swimwear, which wrapped up yesterday. In New York there'd be the usual parade of starving waifs stumbling down the runway, but this being Miami the catwalk was packed with stacked stunners eye-popping enough for us to ignore how hideous most of the designs were.

Never mind that GQ recently declared that fake tits are as outré in the current economic climate as gas-guzzling SUVs.

The news apparently never reached Miami, and therein lies its charm.

It's a Good Week For…Antique Autos


Around Kempt, we like our whips to have a provenance. Even when we buy new, we only get the behind the wheel of rides with impeccable pedigrees. This week got our gears turning with several bulletins about vintage vehicles.

First, Hertz cheered us with the news that they'll be renting the Hurtan Albaycin for rides down Spain's Costa del Sol. Next, Wired posited than in the near-future of smart cars and sustainable transport, designers might be looking to classic minis.

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