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Out of Style


It’s been a rough road for Men’s Vogue, but it looks like they’re nearing the end of it. Word came down today that the awkward little brother of the men’s mag business is being downgraded from a bimonthly stand-alone mag to a semi-annual supplement to Vogue. In other words, it’s getting the ax.

Men’s Vogue (or Mogue for short) was always a bit confused, jumping from the usual profile fodder and high-end trad-wear to longform journalism pieces culled from the New Yorker’s reject pile, but it was never less than interesting. And we always figured Avery would be able to straighten things out.

Fare thee well, Men’s Vogue.

Avery Day


Our favorite ex-Conde Nast intern got a bit of video today, thanks to an ESPN profile exploring Mr. Avery’s sensitive side. Sporting a buzzed Mohawk and a self-effacing mumble, Avery spouted bon mots such as “It’s probably my desire for dress up that brings me back to the whole women’s clothing thing,” and “I certainly admire a nice purse.”

Naturally, the interview briefly touched on Avery’s constantly questioned heterosexuality, but we couldn’t help but be embarrassed by the whole thing. Can’t a man admire a purple sequined purse without everyone getting ideas?

See the video here»

Grate Shoes, Great Retail & Bar Refaeli


Raising The Bar: Bar Refaeli taps Tommy Hilfiger to launch a new television project. Funny, we can’t even notice him in half the photos. [InStyle]

The High Low: Our pal Mordechai Rubinstein finds one of NYC’s most tred-upon icons resting gently on the toe of luxury. [Men’s Vogue]

Draper’s Exclusive Club: As if we need another excuse to plug Mad Men, the crazy cats at Canadian Club (a fellow publication astutely points out this Don Draper fave) ring in their 150th birthday with a special vintage. [Men.Style]

Rogue Agent: The saga continues with an expanded collection, retails space and inspiration for Maine’s main men’s attraction, Rogues Gallery [Time]

Bailout Bust, Well Wash & Locklear Locked Up


Fielden’s Facelift: Men’s Vogue will undergo a philosophy shift and more digestible editorial features to appeal to a broader range of guys, says EIC Jay Fielden. Like one’s who don’t buy the book because the word ‘Vogue’ is on the cover. [The Cut]

Nice Wash: Preserving (or stylishly destroying) jeans is an art form. [A Continuous Lean]

Jump Ship: You may or may not have heard, that bailout thing—no go. [CNN Money]

Heather Unclear: What happened to the power-suit wearing primetime bitch that stole hearts and rustled sheets? Controlled substances, apparently. [E!]

Mind the Gap


It looks like our Mr. Avery is turning into a jack of all trades. After a quick spell blogging for Men’s Vogue, the man flirted with the idea of starting a celebrity styling outpost in New York. Unfortunately, it seems to have gone the way of disco.

Of course, not one to rest on his blades, Avery is already showing up on bus shelters throughout the nation as one of Gap’s new faces, alongside famous lensman Ryan McGinley and sartorialist Scott Schuman.

Playing for the Dallas Stars seems like such a step down.

Lad Mags, Chupacabras, and a Superbowl Redux


Sic Transit Gloria Lad: The decline and fall of the lad mag, including more instances of the term “underboob” than you ever wanted to read. [Radar Online]

They Live: Video of the famed chupacabra surfaces…unless it’s just a steroid-enhanced pit bull. [Guanabee]

Slow Rider: The virtues of the everlasting suit. [Men’s Vogue]

The True Test of a Patriot: Tom Brady and Eli Manning face off on the covers of Esquire and Men’s Vogue. Apparently Brady starts off perfect but chokes in the last paragraph. [Daily Intel]

Chinese Democracy: Not even American Idol results are respected in China! Free Tibet? [Vulture]

Lyrics by Bruni, Hedi Goes East, and Posh Gets Squashed


Could We Love Carla Bruni Any More?: We didn't think so. Then we read these lyrics. [Radar]

Hot Rods: That emblem on your car's hood may indicate more than your choice in brands. [Jalopnik]

Turning Japanese: Hedi Slimane is the natural muse of Vogue Homme Japan much as Sean Avery is the natural muse of Men's Vogue US. [WWD]

Victoria Beckham's Menswear Line Canceled: Whew. That was a close one. [Female First UK]

Totally Swede: A review of Stockholm Fashion Week. [The Pipeline]

Christy on The Shore, Men's Vogue on a Diet, and Toxins on Your Scalp


Beach Blanket Bingo: Vanity Fair's "Beach Please" spread features some favorite photographic subjects on the world's best seashores. It's as good an excuse as any to run old shots of Christy Turlington doing yoga. []

Who Wears Tighty Whities Anymore?: Well, us. But only when we've forgot to wash our boxer briefs for the last two weeks (today, for instance). [Disco Valente]

Permanent Style: Some things never go out of fashion, even when they do. [Art of Manliness]

Chemical Industry Cover Up: After reading the ingredients in Just for Men hair-coloring gel, you'll probably decide to go gray with grace. [Wired]

Commercial Break: Because we love you guys, here's a pictorial history of Guess ads. [BWGrey Scale]

No Shia: Finally, an activist shirt we would actually buy. [Fashionably Geek]

Slim Down: Not only has Men's Vogue shrunk, but one of their writers is freshly trim, and they just lost 210 pounds of Avery (though 120 pounds of Mort goes a long way). [Gawker]

Loving Avery Moment


It looks like the NHL’s biggest eccentric is continuing his winning streak.

Sean Avery, the New York Ranger and occasional MOTH is making the most of his tenure at Vogue. He’s had a very respectable run of posts at the blog, covering sneaker shops, *shabu shabu* and, of course, sports bars.

Avery’s more contemplative moments can be found here, in an essay discussing his time at the magazine. We’ll say this for him: he pulls off a plaid short-suit with uncommon conviction.

Revenge of the 70s, Uomo Updates and Vested Interests

The Beatles

"More Paul Glaser Than David Soul": Critics drop "Starsky and Hutch" references as Italians channel the 70s yet again. [Telegraph UK]

Croc Hunters: According to the Japanese government, Crocs are unsafe—thus are last year's Uggs stripped of their singular redeeming value. [Mindblogging Stuff]

Hissy Fits: Dudes, chill—_Men's Vogue_ is more of a corporate hobby than a real mag anyways. [Daily News]

We Like Girls Who Wear Abercrombie & Fitch: Apropos of nothing, fun-loving, sepia-toned nudity. [Style Dash]

Suicide Blonde: Amy Winehouse and peroxide—it was only a matter of time. [Hating It Magazine]

Ciao!: Pitti Uomo coverage worth running through Bablefish. [PittiBlog]

In The Trenches: Izzy brings this cropped, high-collar number to our attention. [Manolo for The Men]

Pop In: Racked checks Trovata's back room at Ernest Sewn. [Racked]

The Quiet One: Seems George Harrison liked to dress up in his old Beatles costumes—well, come on, wouldn't you? [Thaindian News]

In Vest: Gawker learns what we've known all along—David Coleman is making it safe for men to wear clothes. This week, he introduces us to this new "vest" thing. [Gawker]

Deal Alert: Tim Hamilton sample sale begins Saturday. [Marc & Dolce]

Passing Showers: Maybe Vincent Gallo and Terry Richardson can "make it rain"—but nothing, nothing could ever wash them clean. [Hypebeast]