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Mr. Fry, We Presume


The celebrity memoir’s a little creaky under the best of circumstances, but Stephen Fry can always be counted on to provide a shakeup.

Along with the British wit’s newly released The Fry Chronicles, Mr. Fry is offering a tricked-out iPod/iPad version that might be the best thing web publishing’s produced so far. The trick is a visual index that lets you skim through 112 different self-contained chunks of the book, according to whatever you’re looking for.

So if you want to track down every last reference to Fry’s days in a comedy duo with House, all you have to do is highlight the “Hugh Laurie” tag and skim through the highlighted sections. For his musings on comedy…well, there’s a tag for that too. It’s how a lot of people were likely to read the book anyway. The new tech just makes it easier, with a little credit down to Fry for not making the world read his tome cover-to-cover.

Although if you did, we’re sure he’d be appropriately grateful.