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Histoire du Tumblr Gainsbourg


David Thewlis’ Wife, Go Figure: The lovely Ms. Anna Friel. [The Superficial]

Blue Serge Shoes: Serge Gainsbourg gets a portrait blog. Maybe Leonard Cohen’s hair was too weird? [Hint Mag]

Meme Watch: Keyboard cat gets his own moonlit t-shirt. In retrospect, this was inevitable. [Boing Boing]

It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World: AMC prepares the world for the new season of Mad Men with a quick recap of everything that’s happened in the past two years…er, seasons. [Vulture]

Makin’ Bacon


We’re well-acquainted with the internet’s insatiable love of bacon, but we’re still glad to see it getting a bit of play in the mainstream press.

Over the past few months, there’s been a web-based rush to invent the most bizarre bacon creation possible (if you were wondering, it’s here) but as strange as the creations seem, the impulse is simpler than you might think. Bacon has always been a bizarre food. It just took the web to show us exactly how bizarre it was. And as usual, the web got a little carried away.

Then again, we’re pretty happy about it’s not all bad.

Jeans, Preppies and Cheap Bourbon


Jean Genie: Rebounding from Ms. Mendes, Calvin Klein is up to his old tricks. [My Fashion Life]

Whitest of All Time: Ms. Lambert waxes rhapsodic on St. Elmo’s Fire, perennial candidate for preppiest movie of all time. The verdict? “It’s the French New Wave via Reagonomics.” [This Recording]

Old, Old Times:Old Jews Telling Jokes” is now an internet meme. Funny, we thought it was just Thanksgiving. [Boing Boing]

Wine-Oh: Esquire hits the bottle hard with a roundup of good booze under $15. [Esquire]

Cat Power, Craig Power, and Curb Power


American Flag: ACL demonstrates the proper way to wear the American flag…with a little help from Chan Marshall. [A Continuous Lean]

Omega Man: Daniel Craig auctions off his watch for underprivileged youth. To keep his Bond credentials intact, we’re going to assume he was drunk at the time. [Hodinkee]

A Meme is Born: Apparently, the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme makes anything funny. Especially Crash. [CurbThis]

The Hour is Nigh: If you’re sending things in time for Christmas, this is how long you have to order. [Dealhack]