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Love and Roosters


High Art: Oyster Magazine is on a level we don’t even understand. Maybe the rooster represents masculinity? [Trendland]

Pass the Roles: A tour of modern gender roles, as seen from the bizarre intersection of Don Draper and Liz Lemon. Highly recommended. [This Recording]

Transformed: Megan Fox is swapped out in favor of Gemma Arterton in the plans for Transformers 3. History will bury you, Michael Bay. [/Film]

Inch by Inch: Arcade Fire drops a promo single to whet our appetites. Mission accomplished. [Arcade Fire]

Lindsay Ellingson is in an Exotic Locale


Protect Your Necker: The Victoria’s Secret swimwear catalog brings a pack of models to scenic Necker Island. We would have liked a few more “girl with sloth” pics. [Jaunted]

El Presidente: Jay-Z saves rap, quotes Rakim, is awesome. [Interview]

Double Secret Probation: The invite-only Gilt Groupe adds a second layer of invite-only-ness. We’re pretty sure we saw a Monty Python skit about this. [Racked]

Very Bad Things: A critic’s poll of the worst movies of 2009. Megan Fox is well-represented. [Vulture]

Megan Fox Prepares to Embrace the Legitimate Press


Fox on Fox: The New York Times Magazine boldly defies the Megan Fox embargo. [NYTimes]

Protect Your Neck: The scarves of the world, just in time for winter. [CoolHunting]

Bag Man: Checking in with Apolis Activism’s Ugandan cotton briefcase. [Valet]

No Flipping: A countdown of the top 30 television series of the decade. Taken as a whole, they will swallow up an entire year of your life. [AV Club]

Enjoying Megan Fox Without the Mannered Dialogue


Frivolous Kitchen Shot of the Year: We boldly defy the internet’s Megan Fox boycott. [Just Jared]

Building Bridges: Finally, this silly war between Adidas and Puma comes to a close. Hopefully someone gets a Nobel Peace Prize out of this. [Neatorama]

Dropping Math: A gentleman scientist's guide to stocking the bar. [Lifehacker]

Just Watch It: Nike enlists David Fincher for one of the most amazing 90 seconds of video we’ve ever seen. Can we nominate Guillermo del Toro for the next UnderArmor spot? [Thompson on Hollywood]

Death of a Ladies Man


James Bond seems to be having a bit of trouble with the ladies.

His latest failed conquest is Megan Fox, who just turned down a Bond Girl part in the 23rd Bond film in favor of a potential leading role elsewhere, but she’s just the latest in a long line of women too good for Sir James. Frieda Pinto passed on the same part, and the list of Craig-era would-be Bond girls also includes larger names like Sienna Miller, Charlize Theron and Rachel McAdams. Maybe the old boy’s losing his knack?

Something tells us Sean Connery never had this problem. But maybe Roger Moore...