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The Modern-Day Mad Men: Ian Schafer, Deep Focus

In honor of Mad Men’s valiant return, Kempt is proud to present the second in a series of profiles of some of the most thought-provoking individuals working in the ad game today—real-life Drapers, if you will (minus the brown booze and nooners.)

“When’s everything going to go back to normal?” So asks a defeated Roger Sterling in the final moments of last night’s episode of Mad Men, realizing that the industry he helped create has morphed into one he no longer understands. Modern-day Roger Sterlings likely feel the same way after meeting guys like Ian Schafer, founder and CEO of Deep Focus, a digital marketing and social media agency enlisted by Pepsi, L’Oréal, Nike and dozens of other iconic brands to help them engage a radically different consumer in a world riddled with uncertainty.

And Ian Schafer wouldn’t have it any other way...»

‘Tis the Season for Product-Based Content


If our editorial calendar is any judge, you may be putting together a gift list around now. You may also be dreading the flood of gift guides currently swallowing up publications from GQ to Cat Fancy. So in the interests of appeasing Simon Doonan, we’re going to try to walk the line.

We won’t be doing a gift guide per se, but if you find yourself in desperate need of material guidance, you can direct yourself to our continually updated virtual gift guide. We’ve been filling it up all week with gift-worthy posts, past and present, and we’ll continue to do so throughout December. The gear may be familiar, but it’ll also be interesting, offbeat, and available for purchase, which is enough for us.

Happy holidays?

On the Job


No longer satisfied with newsstands, radio, and the scarf business, Monocle is moving into publishing. Their latest one-off is a hard bound book called The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work, and it looks like the latest in a long string of good ideas.

The binding is perfect, the run is limited to 1000 copies (just on the cusp of a guaranteed sellout) and the book itself, from Swiss essayist Alain de Botton, looks both impeccably written and perfectly chosen for Monocle’s office-bound demographic. A few hundred pages of well-thought musings on the nature of the working life might be just the thing to remind them what they liked about books in the first place.

Luckily, the magazine offers the perfect venue for publicizing the book, and they already have a few stores they can place it in—all of which makes Tyler Brule look more like Ted Turner than William Shawn.

At what point do we stop calling them a magazine and start calling them an empire?

Power of the Press


Media isn’t the most profitable business these days, but there’s a reason billionaires are always emptying their pockets into magazine and television ventures. There are some things only staggeringly large amounts of money can buy.

Take, for instance, the lovely Ms. Lydia Hearst. Being an heiress is enough to get you onto the gossip pages, but getting into fashion spreads takes the kind of clout only a few families in the world have. But having the same last name as a publishing group usually helps…

Learn about Lydia’s new gig»

Oh, Lydia


Erstwhile Kemptress Lydia Hearst has apparently run into a spot of bother over her Page Six column, *The Hearst Chronicles*. Specifically, whether or not she really earned that byline

It started with a tiff over *The Hearst Chronicles*’ dissing of Hearst Media’s recession-inspired cancellation of their Christmas party. Apparently that was one tidbit Ms. Hearst wished she could un-ghostwrite, so she turned on her Page Six masters, who in turn revealed the whole façade.

The news may not shock anyone else, but we’re devastated. Lydia, we fell in love with your words! Was it all a lie?

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