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Diane Kruger is Dressed for Snow


Let’s Go Krugering: Diane Kruger is more German than you might otherwise think. [GQ]

The Real Donald: Donald Sutherland contains all worldly wisdom. Somehow, Esquire got him to spill the goods. [Esquire]

The Other Best in Show: Richard Chai for Original Penguin is looking pretty good. [Selectism]

There Goes a Steel-Drivin’ Man: In honor of the modern-day John Henry tale going on on Jeopardy right now, McSweeney’s drops an ode to the robot contestant Watson. [McSweeney’s]

Anna Kaminska is Unhappy with Her Sheets

Fell On Black Days: A frighteningly comprehensive guide to tackling the orgy of commerce that is Black Friday. God be with you. [CrunchGear]

British Whimsy: McSweeney’s new London shop is predictably delightful. They sell “monster supplies,” apparently. [Creative Review]

Just Steer Clear of the Copy Machine: Getting drunk at your office party: a great idea, or an awesome idea? [Fast Company]

Blue Moon: Michelle Williams talks a good game. [In Contention]

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We'll see you on Monday.

The Genius Check


In case you needed a little whimsy this afternoon, McSweeney’s just released this handy guide to knowing whether your magnum opus is really ready for the world. If the answer is no, they suggest a backup career as an alligator tamer.