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What Happens at the Day Spa Stays at the Day Spa

The Touch, The Feel: Here’s a semi-pornographic video promoting merino wool. We think it’s a metaphor for being naked inside a merino dress? But maybe we’re overthinking it. [Selectism]

The Mongolian Candidate: Perhaps you’d like to see pictures of Joe Biden preparing to wrestle two large Mongolian men who are wearing what, to western eyes, appears to be women’s clothing. [The Atlantic Wire]

Boy and Man: AoM goes all Jungian on us, deconstructing boyhood archetypes. We were always more of a “golden child.” [Art of Manliness]

Over and Over: Thomas Goetz sings the praises of the feedback loop. The takeaway: we need to buy one of those gadgets that monitors your brainwaves. [Wired]

A Man of Letters


The “manly skills” department usually focuses on things like chopping lumber and applying sunscreen, but one of our most-prized abilities just got its due thanks to Tom Chiarella’s ode to the well-written love letter. If we were going to take a shot at rebuilding masculinity, this is where we’d start.

Here’s the key: no bullshit. There’s a workmanlike emotional honesty to a well-penned love letter; that means nothing fluffy and nothing you’re not sure is true. Sincerity and unguarded emotion are hard to ignore. And if that leads to a little more sincerity in the rest of your life, all the better. At the very least, it’ll give you more to write about.

And for god’s sake, don’t use a printer.

Love and Roosters


High Art: Oyster Magazine is on a level we don’t even understand. Maybe the rooster represents masculinity? [Trendland]

Pass the Roles: A tour of modern gender roles, as seen from the bizarre intersection of Don Draper and Liz Lemon. Highly recommended. [This Recording]

Transformed: Megan Fox is swapped out in favor of Gemma Arterton in the plans for Transformers 3. History will bury you, Michael Bay. [/Film]

Inch by Inch: Arcade Fire drops a promo single to whet our appetites. Mission accomplished. [Arcade Fire]

Natalie Portman is Displeased


Live Clothed Girls: Natalie Portman is swearing off nude scenes. We knew this day would come… [Blackbook]

A God Among Men: New rule: All considerations of modern masculinity should end with a John Holmes quote. (We’re looking at you, Chabon.) Check this one out, if only for the quote. [This Recording]

The Man Behind the Hair: Rod Blagojevich is out of his goddamn mind. [Esquire]

Billy Two: Billy Reid opens up with Mister Mort, and drops a few details on his upcoming Stetson collab. [T Magazine]

Penelope Cruz Cannot Be Tamed by Writer-Directors


Cruz Control: Ladies and gentlemen, the best reason to see Nine. [Vanity Fair]

Let’s Go Make a Picture: When Hollywood starts being compared to Detroit, you know things are getting bad. The good news? At least Coraline was a hit… [Thompson on Hollywood]

Man Up: A discourse on masculinity, courtesy of the internet. [This Recording]

The Daily Nudes: There is no problem that cannot be solved by nude calendars. [NY Daily News]