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Marloes Horst is Dressed for Tennis

Eyes on the Prize: The gents at Silver Lining get a richly deserved video tribute. Well done, Mr. Davis. [the189]

Above the Knee: A gentleman’s guide to making shorts, preferably with the help of a tailor. [The Sunday Best]

Nerds!: Roxana Altamirano gives her perspective on men’s style. Mostly, we’re just glad someone’s getting the phrase “nerd boyfriend” out there. [Valet]

The Ties That Bind: Disappointingly, Mogador is not a reanimated skeleton played by John Hurt in an upcoming film. [Men’s Flair]

Marloes Horst is Showing Off Her New Tattoo in the Most Inefficient Way Possible


The Anklet: Vogue China seems more capitalist all the time. [Fashion Gone Rogue]

Trousers Up: The thrifty charm of the canvas web belt, thoroughly detailed. [Valet]

The Frozen South: Antarctica is our new favorite continent. We will move there as soon as Uniqlo does. [Boing Boing]

We Must Obey: New York gets a new Shepard Fairey piece. The good news: Andre is finally taking a backseat. [Complex]