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The Three Best Kinds of Letter

The well-written letter is a rare thing these days. Blame Outlook or the US Mail, but somewhere along the way, we lost touch with the simple pleasures of a pen rambling over paper.

For the rest of the week, our brothers-in-arms at UrbanDaddy Perks can hook you up with some handsome stationery from Terrapin—but we’re more concerned about the inspiration. To that end, we’ve put together three of our favorite letters of all time, and how you can follow in their footsteps.

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I Remember You Well


New York has changed a lot in the past thirty years, and though there’s a lot more glass and concrete than there used to be, there are still a few dinosaurs creaking around.

For instance, the Chelsea Hotel. Founded in 1883, the hotel was a favorite of Mark Twain, and in more counter-cultural days was host to Jack Kerouac, Leonard Cohen, Marilyn Monroe and Bob Dylan, gaining notoriety with the stabbing death of Nancy Spungen.

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