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Kate Moss is Surveilling You

katemosstestino_crop.jpgvia Luxist

Starman: A skydiver is set to make a supersonic parachute jump from the edge of space. Somewhere, Evel Knievel is drinking sorrowfully. [Boing Boing]

Five Guys Walk Into a Bar: GQ sits down with John Landis, Judd Apatow, Adam McKay, Edgar Wright and Todd Phillips for a frank discussion of Tyler Perry. [GQ]

Cream of the Crop: Valet digs up a eucalyptus-based Florentine shaving cream. Handsome stuff. [Valet]

Also, ”I’m a Little Swollen”: Louis C. K. enters the pantheon of heroes by going on the Joy Behar show hours after having a vasectomy. The key line: “I don’t like my sperm. I’m tired of it.” Shine on, Mr. K. [YouTube]

Bloody Butchers, Bad Dogs and Model Prisoners


Fresh Meat: These gory Eva Herzigova shots by Mario Testino have us hot, hungry and a little bit scared. [The Photography Link]

Curb Your Dog: Some horrid pooch went and peed on our beloved Natalie Portman while she was traipsing about the part with Freak-Folk boytoy Devendra Banhart. Gentlemen that we are, we already have a contract out on the hairy mutt (and the dog as well). [NYPost]

Drawers Raise a Stink: The latest banned ads in Europe aren't by Tom Ford, but rather the product of Hanes' anti-racism, anti-subtleness marketing department. [DNR]

Car-Port Chic: Ksubi, Maison Martin Margiela and Adam Kimmel create couture car covers for Intersection Magazine. [Intersection]

Designs from the Pokey: Germans are buying up prisoner-made clothes. The prisoners, predictably, not so much. [CNN]

Street Talk: Izzy points us in the direction of Times fashion photog Bill Cunningham's new audio slideshow. [Manolo for the Men]