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Six Menswear Collaborations We Hope to See in 2013

  • Najib Benouar

High-end fashion designers collaborating with mall brands wasn’t new in 2012, but it definitely made a big impact on menswear this year—the Gaps, the Targets, the H&Ms went all GQ, Odin and Margiela on the average consumer in the past year.

In 2013, we expect even more high-low collaborations. And since we’re essentially menswear soothsayers, we decided to let you know what to look forward to.

Without further ado, Kempt’s predictions for the big menswear collaborations of 2013.»

The Charm of the Cotton Sweater

Now that the weather’s warming up, we’d like to direct your attention to one of the most overlooked items in your spring/summer arsenal: the cotton sweater. It’s an airier version of the wool and cashmere pullovers in your closet, and perfect for those couple weeks in mid-March when the summer sun butts up against the last gusts of winter. These will fare well against both.

A few of our favorite sweaters»

Ramdane Touhami Has Arrived

Whether you’re wearing it or designing it, a velvet DB is a splashy way to make an entrance.

This one comes from Ramdane Touhami, who launched his eponymous label with a New York shop earlier this week. (Even splashier, the DB in question comes in under $400.) The rest of the stock is every bit as whimsical, with bright corduroys and over-buttoned coats filling up the stripped-down shop. Anyone looking for a more accessible twist on Band of Outsiders just hit the jackpot.

Touhami has been kicking around Europe for a while—collaborating with Marc Jacobs, making millions in the candle business; that sort of thing—but this is his first full-scale apparel brand in years. Judging by the early gear, it’s going to be quite a show.

See the view from the New York Ramdane shop…»

Giada Tests Her Sauce the Old Fashioned Way

The Grand Man: GQ basks in the wisdom of Mr. Gay Talese, who apparently descends from a family of Italian tailors. Makes sense. [GQ UK]

First, Be Strong: A gentleman’s guide to Olympic-level weightlifting. Doesn’t seem so hard. [Art of Manliness]

Marc by Marc by Marc by Marc: Marc Jacobs gets the gushing profile treatment. Well deserved. [NYTimes]

A Man in Uniform: A spin through Brooks Brothers’ military heritage archives. [Por Homme]

Lightning Round: The Yoox Sample Sale

Dolce & Gabbana Blazer

Yoox can be a crap shoot.

The Italian sale site is roughly a T.J. Maxx for the Dolce & Gabbana set, which means it’s the best place in the world to find an Etro suit for $325. But alongside it you’ll find the worst examples of Bruno-esque Euro excess. (Also, for some reason, a Budweiser hat.) So naturally, it helps if you’ve got a native guide.

This weekend, they’re holding their semi-annual sample sale (it finishes up on Monday), so we thought we’d take the opportunity to guide you through some of the best finds.

Our journey begins with a certain leather-tipped blazer…»

Kempt Man of the Hour: Anthony Landerau


Last night saw a pretty serious menswear face-off on in the midst of Paris Fashion Week, hosted by GrandLife and the Burkman Brothers and boasting an impressive number of leather jackets in attendance. Our favorite was found on Anthony Landerau, the director of European sales for Marc Jacobs and a man who knows his way around an accessory.

The main event here is the low-key bowtie, one of the more understated specimens we’ve seen. Together with the club-collared shirt, it’s playing the small-and-tweedy counterpart to the Indiana Jones-style jacket. Add in a classic Rolex on one wrist and a Kissi-esque wristband on the other and you’ve got a pretty complex salad of styles. Fortunately, he’s at the right party for it.

Navigating an Enormous Sample Sale


The Italian mail order outfit Yoox just launched a massive sample sale with literally hundreds of designers at clearance-level discounts. It’s quite a haul, but since the selection ranges from highbrow labels like Etro and Comme des Garçons to obscure euro labels and, well, crocs, sorting through it can be a job of work.

To that end, we’ve picked out a few favorites, starting with this Aquascutum poncho marked down to an eye-popping $190 just in time for the rainy season.

But wait, there’s more…»

Natalia V is Pensive


Play Us Off, Fashion Editorial: i-D Magazine goes for the bare-shouldered, wide-eyed look. [Fashion Copious]

Real Live Girls: Marc Jacobs lets his models run amok…so long as it’s in front of a camera. [AnOther Magazine]

Radio Wire: Whenever the world is in danger, Neutral Milk Hotel will reappear to play a benefit show and set things right. May 6th, apparently, is one of those times. [Vanity Fair]

Just Because It’s Friday: The Vatican has indulged their Google-ish side and put a virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel online. [The World’s Best Ever]



The ID holder tends to be overshadowed by the wallet, but as long as you’ve got two back pockets, there’s no reason not to carry them both.

Marc Jacobs' new Rosetta Stone-style card holder has the benefit of well-kept leather and the basic beauty of Chinese script, but it’s also priced at only $8, which makes it the most attainable thing we've seen from Mr. Jacobs all year.

Most importantly, though, it presents you with a choice of virtues. You can pick up holders devoted to happiness, love, health, wealth or luck…which, depending on your priorities, might present quite a conundrum. Just remember: it’s better to be lucky than smart.