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The Hurried Man’s Guide to March Madness

  • Najib Benouar


Big news in sports this weekend: Formula 1 returned to action in Australia.

Oh, right, and it was Selection Sunday—kicking off a month of madness for college basketball players, fans and that one guy in your office who organizes the bracket pool every year (from whom you just received another email). Which means you need to get up to speed, quickly, which is where we come in.

Herewith, the hurried man’s guide to March Madness.»

A Menswear Card Game, Joltin’ Joe’s Watch and NCAA Coaches’ Style

  • Kempt Staff

Card Game

Menswear: The Gathering: Selectism discovers a mysterious new card game that pits menswear designers against one another.

A Home-Run Investment: A watch once owned by baseball great Joe DiMaggio is headed for the auction block.

Party Chair: A handy infographic on how to pick your seat at a dinner party where you don’t know anyone.

Can’t Coach Style: Grantland ponders the sideline style of this year’s March Madness coaches, including a few of the same skippers we named in our bracket.

The Final: History’s Most Stylish College Basketball Coaches

  • Najib Benouar

March Madness

And now, the thrilling conclusion to our March Madness bracket. (Which began here with the Sweet 16.)

(1) John Wooden’s Glasses vs. (3) Roy Williams’s Carolina Blue: It’s come down to this. Pete Carril, our Ivy League Cinderella, had an epic Final Four–achieving run, but his professorial dishevelment ultimately came up short against John Wooden’s prolific eyewear. Bob Knight’s red sweaters were running on fumes after the dogfight against Carnesecca’s Cosby sweaters in the Elite Eight, so Roy Williams’s pinstripes basically cruised into the finals. And now only one thing stands between our two title contenders: which one can cut down the net most stylishly. [Cue the confetti and streamers.]

And your champion is...»

Talking Shop on Menswear, Grantland Goes Live and Moleskine Takes On NYC

  • Kempt Staff

Carson Street Clothiers

Kitted Carson: Valet sits down with the founders of Carson Street Clothiers to talk shop (and menswear).

Guerrilla Madness: ESPN and Bill Simmons are going rogue on their March Madness coverage by creating a live stream from his man cave called Grantland Live.

Duly Noted: The famed Italian notebook maker Moleskine will open its first shop on American soil tomorrow. Wired has the sneak peek.

Triple Sip: Guyism has tracked down the world’s strongest coffee, clocking in at 200% more caffeine than your usual cup o’ joe.

Frank Ocean in Band of Outsiders, Alton Brown’s Style and Your Bracket Cheat Sheet

  • Kempt Staff

Frank Ocean

Stay Tuned: Band of Outsiders is slowly unveiling their latest lookbook—starring neo-crooner Frank Ocean—over the next few days on their Tumblr.

Exquisite Taste: Well Spent finds some sartorial inspiration in the surprisingly LBM-laden wardrobe of television’s guru of gourmet, Alton Brown.

Cat in That Hat: Apparently, Dr. Seuss had a fantastic collection of Seussian hats, and they’re just now seeing the light of day in a new traveling exhibition.

Bracket on Case of Emergency: Deadspin has created a March Madness “meta-bracket” with annotations showing the picks of everyone from Nate Silver to Barack Obama—if you need to crib a few.

Final Four: History’s Most Stylish College Basketball Coaches

  • Najib Benouar

March Madness

We’ve been counting down to tomorrow’s official start of the Big Dance with our own March Madness bracket, wherein we’ve pitted the most iconic college basketball coaches against one another—in terms of their signature style items—in an attempt to finally nail down who’s the most stylish of them all.

And here we are. The Final Four.

This is when champions show their true grit. If you’re planning on watching any of the action this weekend, you’re going to hear one word thrown around a lot: résumé. It’s become the catch-all term for reviewing a team’s performance over the season, and it seems like the right term to use when reviewing the overall style career of these coaches. So now that we’ve made it to the semifinals, we’re going to scrutinize each coach’s personal style résumé even further.

Let’s get on with it, shall we. To the Final Four.»

Elite Eight: History’s Most Stylish College Basketball Coaches

  • Najib Benouar

Stylish College Basketball Coaches

Welcome back to Kempt’s March Madness bracket, wherein we pit the most iconic college basketball coaches against one another in an attempt to finally nail down who’s the most stylish of them all.

Yesterday we kicked things off with the Sweet 16 of all-time style greats. In case you missed it, we encourage you to read up on the matchups, but we’ll quickly remind you that this is a tournament of iconography—sure, there are plenty of coaches out there who know their way around a tailored suit, but this rarefied bunch has gone beyond that with a courtside style so legendary, you can name the exact items they’re famous for wearing.

And now, let’s take a look at yesterday’s winners and the Elite Eight matchups.»

Miranda Kerr Has Moved Past Pearl-Clutching

The Rules of Summer: The gents at Esquire unveil their guide to summer, including a newfound enthusiasm for the eclectic suede buck. [Esquire]

March Misdemeanors: A guide to discreetly following March Madness while at work. [Deadspin]

Connery, Grant and Stewart: A slideshow of some of Old Hollywood’s biggest names in true Neapolitain style. [Die, Workwear]

True to the Method: A sharp Scottish furniture company. We’ll say, they make a hell of a trunk. [Proper Magazine]

Jennifer Lawrence Is Having a Full-Body Yawn

Blue Planet: A people’s history of hating Duke basketball, for your bracket-related consideration. [Slate]

It’s the Fuzz: After a news cycle of anti-beard press, Amanda Hess mounts a stirring defense of the male muzzle. Shia, this does not apply to you. [GOOD]

The Tobacconists: In praise of cigar linen, just a few shades richer than your standard-issue khaki suit. [Die, Workwear]

Keeping Watch: An obsessively detailed look at the Tudor Heritage Black Bay, the obscurist’s Submariner. [Hodinkee]

The Etiquette of March Madness

March Madness

March Madness is upon us, and with it, the potent combination of basketball, gambling and pitcher beer. It’s a powerful trio, enough to inspire all sorts of uncouth behavior if you’re not careful.

So instead of advice about your bracket, we thought we’d provide a little wisdom on how to watch the games in appropriate style, with passion and zeal...but a minimum of madness.

Our etiquette rules for March Madness»