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Learning the Rules of the Road Trip

  • Kempt Staff

Road Trips

It’s been great having you along for the ride during Road Trip Week here on Kempt. (And what a helluva ride it’s been.)

So now that you’ve chosen the most suitable convertible, packed the correct weekender bag, found a sexy copilot or three and slipped into a pair of driving shoes, there’s only one thing left: hitting the road. And as a gentleman traveler, there are a few things you should be sure to know before setting out on this adventure of a lifetime.

Herewith, a few sage words of road trip wisdom...»

Kate Upton Wrote a Song About Her Bikini

  • Najib Benouar

via Beach Bunny

Shorts Illustrated: Menswear always looks better in pencil form—courtesy of N’East Style. [Well Spent] Reporting Live from Turn 3: At the Indy 500, “where irresponsible behavior is mandatory and clothing is optional.” [Grantland]

Casting Dept.: In case you ever end up on the wrong end of a ski trip: Men of Habit digs up an old editorial spread featuring well-heeled men wearing casts. [Men of Habit]

Where Brooklyn’s At: A new form of urban cartography: mapping NYC by the stomping grounds of famous rappers. [A Very Small Array]

In the Neighborhood

Mjolk Quilt

Like most design-minded blog-dwellers, we have a soft spot for maps. And it looks like Mjölk has one too.

We caught this map quilt on their newly launched e-commerce shop. It’s a detailed street map of London (or New York, or Paris) stitched onto a cotton and Japanese silk with an Amish loom. In short, it’s a pretty great thing to have over your sheets if you’re looking to plan out a day’s drive, or give a houseguest an unusually quirky tour of the neighborhood.

And if you want to represent a slightly more obscure neighborhood, you can hire out their quiltmaker for a custom job. Queens, anyone?

City Life


While iconic, the white handkerchief can begin to look downright unsanitary after it’s been through the wash a few times. We recommend something a bit more colorful…

This handkerchief comes from Muji’s recently unveiled online shop, and while we probably won’t have to find our way around Akasaka any time soon, we never mind having an extra map around. There are Paris, London and New York versions, but coming from Muji, Tokyo seems like the appropriate choice.

Provided you can keep from sneezing on the palace grounds.

Mottos, Irons, and the History of the Mustache Trend Piece


Two States: If you needed a map of all 50 state mottos, here you go. A lot of them are really strange. [Cartophilia]

Clapped in Irons: Kempt favorite Scott Schuman ponders the ideal ironing technique. [The Sartorialist]

Going Mad: The threat of Mad Men without show creator Matthew Weiner is apparently real. Zombie Mad Men? Get worried. [Vulture]

Hair of the Dog: An annotated history of the mustache trend piece. [Gawker]