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When It’s Okay (and Not Okay) for Men to Wear Skirts

  • Jessica Rusinak


In light of recent shorts-related controversy here at Kempt HQ, some of us have been pondering the great gender-based injustice of summertime wardrobe options. While a man risks ridicule (and even threats against job stability) if he chooses to wear shorts to the office, a woman is allowed—encouraged, perhaps—to wear a skirt. The more sartorially adventurous gentleman may begin to consider a similar alternative to shorts... but please, before you make any moves we’ll all regret, consider our advice.

Herewith, Kempt’s rules for when it’s okay (and not okay) for a man to wear a skirt...»

Five Failing Institutions That Should Get into Menswear

  • Najib Benouar

USPS Fashion

The recent news that the US Postal Service is launching a clothing line in an effort to right its financial woes has taken the menswear blogosphere by storm.

While we’d rather not speculate too much on the upcoming line until we see it (other than that the name “Rain, Heat, Snow” suggests a lot of outerwear and a hunch that a lot of “mail-carrier blue” will be involved), we’re excited about the prospect of menswear saving faltering institutions. It’s so crazy, it just might work. And if it does, we can think of a few more American companies in financial distress that could benefit from starting their own menswear lines.

Wherein menswear saves the day... and Twinkies: the Five Companies That Should Follow the USPS into the Menswear Game.»

Miranda Kerr Is the Wizard of Bras

  • Kempt Staff

via Boss Hunting

Kilt It: The Style Guy finally delivers the verdict on the leather skirt that Kanye’s been wearing. (Spoiler alert: it’s a no-go.) [GQ]

A Twitter Feed About Nothing: If the Seinfeld crew were still around, would Elaine write nasty Yelp reviews? Could Jerry make #soupnazi trend? One Twitter seeks the answers. [WSJ]

Socialites and Lions: A photographer shoots the daughters of Mexico’s super-rich. It’s like an MTV reality show produced by Siegfried and Roy. [Slate]

No-Fly Zone: The Internet announces the arrival of “meggings” in Manhattan. We’re not sure what’s worse: the trend or the gratuitous portmanteau. [Business Insider]

Dear in Headlights


Being men of the world, we tend not to look to Dear Abby for sartorial advice. And this week, we were reminded why.

In Wednesday’s paper (via The Cut), she took up the question of a Pennsylvania man who, as he delicately puts it, “wears skirts for comfort.” Her advice? “As long as you have the testicular fortitude and shapely enough legs to wear skirts, then you have my blessing.” Oh dear…

The case in full»